App suites for Industry 4.0 applications

WORKERBASE provides configurable app suites for agile manufacturing processes. Use our proven app templates to create individual Industry 4.0 apps in short time.

Industry 4.0 apps to enhance lean manufacturing

Our proven Industry 4.0 solutions put the human worker at the core and help to increase productivity and build efficient operational processes.

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machine uptime

Industry 4.0 app to shorten reaction times and increase OEE
Use real-time data for continuous improvements in Industry 4.0
Create efficient processes for high-variant low-volume production

throughput times

Digital work instructions for standard operating procedures
Improve collaboration between cross-functional teams
Make quicker decisions with skill-based work coordination and solve problems where and when they occur


Industry 4.0 to error proof your production
Inline quality inspections to enable just-in-time quality approvals
Follow up on reported quality defects and enable real-time coordination of improvement measures

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