Assembly Instruction

Implement digital assembly instructions on a smartwatch

Assembly instruction with a smartwatch

Digital assembly instructions ensure consistency in all manual assembly processes. The provisioning of standard work instructions on a mobile devices such as smartwatches, smartphones or tablets allows to display the instruction directly at the respective work station. Workers get contextual help and review needed information at anytime. With work instructions on the smartwatch, hands-free instructions are supported.

Use the WORKERBASE solution to provide assembly instructions and coordinate tasks flexibly. Replace paper-based workflows with digital work instructions. Workflow data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE backend – access data easily. Expand possibilities for quicker analysis and process optimization.

How to use WORKERBASE for assembly instruction?

The WORKERBASE smartwatch and software are a powerful combination for quicker assembly processes:

  1. Assembly instructions can be edited through a web bowser by using the WORKERBASE Continuous Improvement Software.
  2. All instructions are automatically distributed to the respective employees as  step-by-step instructions on the smartwatch.
  3. Text instructions can integrate images and videos if needed.
  4. Process data is automatically collected and can be used to auto-improve the process, e.g. provide a more detailed level of work instructions for certain user groups.

Create workflow apps

Send and save data directly to the cloud

Ensure standard work

Send detailed assembly instructions to relevant workers – they also receive the sequence of tasks they need to carry out. Configure digital assembly instructions directly in a web-browser, include different data types – text, images, video – for more clarity. No programming required – create apps for assembly instructions faster.

Get step-by-step instructions on the smartwatch. Workers can provide instant feedback directly on the smartwatch. They can also accept, decline or delegate tasks. All feedback is collected by the WORKERBASE cloud backend.

Synch work instructions to takt time and ensure proper implementation of standard work.

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