We are an equal opportunity employer and we value people with diverse backgrounds.

Our values

  1. Challenge the Status Quo
    We are the challenger and not the incumbent. We need to challenge ourselves and strive to convince our customers that there can be a better and easier solution to their problem.
  2. Done is better than perfect
    We do not tolerate sloppyness but we do not strive for utlimate perfection. Our world is full of unknowns and assumptions, we build and then verify in the real world before we build perfect ivory towers.
  3. Simplicity wins
    Our competitors have build the ultimate complexity – we do the opposite. We reduce our solutions to the minimum level of complexity to be understandable to average human beings – risking that they become more verbose.
  4. Empower the customer
    Our primary goal is to make our customers successful in their daily business. We build solutions that allow them to make use of the data they did not know they have.
  5. Partnership at eyes level
    We treat our partners at eyes level for they are what makes us successful.
  6. Diversity and backgrounds do matter
    We embrace a multitude of backgrounds and careers because diversity makes us more intelligent, robust and colorful. Everybody has a story to tell and every story is valuable. We give equal opportunity to all.
  7. Never stop learning
    We never stop where we are because that will make us complacent. We encourage every individual to try new ways of doing things and foster unconventional career paths.

WORKERBASE is an equal opportunity employer and we value people with diverse backgrounds. Have you spent a year as a dance instructor in Buenos Aires? Did you never go to university but started hacking code age 12? Have an honours degree from an Ivy league college? Get in touch and tell us your story.