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The WORKERBASE system helps manufacturers improve productivity, increase operational flexibility and empower their employees to work more efficiently.

Our solution for the Agile factory

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Continuous improvement tools for the agile factory

WORKERBASE apps run on standard Android and iOs devices and work on Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches or any other device. All apps support single-user or multi-user workflows across devices. Send requests from Tablets to notify colleagues on their Smartwatch followed by management approval  on a Smartphone - WORKERBASE drastically increases process flexibility by real-time process chains that integrate seamlessly.
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Automatically manage workflows

Assign tasks to the right person, at the right time with the right context information. The WORKERBASE agile manufacturing software dynamically assigns tasks and tracks progress. You can enhance tasks with configurable step-by-step workflow instructions and use powerful task management functions such as automatic assignments, group announcements, task delegation, escalation and more!
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Create workflow apps without programming

Create workflow apps with our low-code solution. Select from a library of proven app-templates and configure your individual apps for Smartphone, Smartwatch and Tablet. You can combine 21 powerful app function blocks with a configurable  set of business rules to build your own solution with a click of a few buttons.  All apps are automatically deployed over-the-air on the devices of your employees.
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Connect existing systems easily

Connect to existing systems and databases through standard interfaces. WORKERBASE is built on a scalable serverless microservice architecture. Our event-based system supports both data import, export and incorporates a flexible data bridge for real-time bidirectional connections for any data format and connections like TCP, SOAP, HTTP, SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, OPC-UA, PLC Controllers and many more.
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Process improvement tools

WORKERBASE manages users and their skills. Tasks can be assigned to your employees based on different criteria like user groups, location or skills. Employees only see apps to which they have access to. It is even possible to automatically advance skills based on workflow progress or remote training levels.
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Platform for the Agile Factory

All WORKERBASE apps work on a common data backbone. You can analyze the data from all processes and gain insights about all relevant KPIs.
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Collect real-time data with wearable and mobile devices. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the device is a relevant datapoint.
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The WORKERBASE software platform stores all generated data and provides analytics functions for activity mining. From simple overview tables to dynamic dashboards, you can utilize easy-to-understand reports for an enhanced understanding of your operations.
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Drive continuous

Use your insights and adapt your workflows. Take the next step and implement continuous improvement based on real-time data.

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