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Dynamic process execution for manufacturing

Our platform enables connected and flexible
work processes to adapt and optimize manufacturing operations in real-time.
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Flexible production of automotives and vehicles

Due to the current global situation in terms of supply bottlenecks, delivery delays and virtually no planning certainty, manufacturing companies are having great difficulty meeting the high demand for their goods. Vehicle production in particular is suffering from a shortage of materials. With our solution we increase flexibility and transparency of production processes to improve throughput and reduce quality costs.

machine alarms
speed up machine change overs

Machinery and tooling

The manufacture of machines and tools is characterized by many manual and time-consuming process stages. In order to be able to react appropriately to the constant changes in the market and to control production as efficiently as possible, a high level of process transparency is required. Our digital workflows allow more flexible process coordination and increase transparency about production status.

Dynamic Process Execution for machinery and tooling

Discrete manufacturing

Every minute a machine is down has a direct effect on the business. Despite the massive impact, machine faults and downtimes are often detected too late or missed due to a lack of data. With our fully digital workflows, we increase flexibility and transparency of discrete manufacturing processes resulting in reduced machine downtimes, less quality losses, improved throughput and an improved overall equipment effectiveness.

Dynamic Process Execution for discrete manufacturing
improve machine operation
speed up machine change overs

Food & beverages

The production of food and beverages is subject to strict quality controls, so that even minute deviations in machine set up, ingredients, filling levels or product labeling can lead to defective products. With our digital work instructions we support operators to maximize machine utilization and product quality.

Dynamic Process Execution for food & beverages

Electronics manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is often characterized by complex assembly processes in a highly mixed environment. The prerequisite for efficient and high-quality production is therefore to provide detailed guidance to employees and to support them with the right information throughout the production process.  With fully digital workflows, we ensure process compliance, shorten reaction times and remove bottlenecks in electronics production.
Dynamic Process Execution for electronics manufacturing
improve machine operation

Dynamic Process Execution to make your production fully flexible

Industrial leaders use the WORKERBASE solution to adapt their production in real-time by connecting factory workers and machines into one digital environment.
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