Industrial IoT platform

Let your smartwatch interact with the industrial IoT to scale your manufacturing efficiency

Industrial IoT platform

WORKERBASE provides a Smartwatch connected to an Industrial IoT platform which integrates with your existing business applications. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) forms a subset of IoT and focuses on special industrial requirements.  IIoT differs from IoT in many ways due to the specific requirements of the industrial world.

WORKERBASE provides an IIoT smartwatch specifically made for the industrial requirements. The WORKERBASE App Builder is a tool to create apps for IIoT without programming. The preconfigured WORKERBASE manufacturing and logistics apps help you to kickstart your IIoT activities. You can adapt all preconfigured apps to your needs.


The WORKERBASE smartwatch connects to the cloud-based backend which in turn integrates with existing business applications. ERP, MES and WMS systems can be integrated via webservices such as REST or SOAP. SCADA alarms or machine alerts can be integrated via state-of-the-art protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT.


WORKERBASE provides a very scalable system. A Microservice and event-based system architecture offers easy integration of sensors and machines data. The WORKERBASE API supports data import from multiple systems and export to e.g. BI and analytics applications. As the system is completely event driven, alarm/event can come from multiple sources. The system allows to create filters and rules for all the different events types occurring in the system. For example, the different types of events for mobile alarms include System internal events (e.g.<br /> Task status changes or Timers), User initiated events (e.g. Location changes, Barcode scan) or Custom (external) events.


Security is critical for IIoT solutions. The WORKERBASE platform provides built-in security features such as a resilient system architecture, enterprise-grade encryption and authentication or a management console for end-to-end management of apps.

Low code development

The WORKERBASE App Builder allows to create smartwatch apps without programming. You simply can use a webbrowser to configure apps in a step-by-step fashion. Select screen types from a library of templates and create your app through the combination of screens. Its only configuration, not programming.

Example: Show machine alerts on smartwatch using an IoT gateway

If you want to display machine alarms on the smartwatch and you already have an IOT gateway setup, the integration is very straightforward. The only thing you have do in the WORKERBASE system is to create a so called “custom event” using the webhook functionality. Next, you setup your IOT gateway to send data to this webhook endpoint in JSON format. Once this is configured, you will be able to consume the data sent from the IoT gateway on your smartwatch. If you are not using an IOT gateway, you can setup a direct connection using protocols like MQTT, OPC-UA, Siemens S7, Rockwell, OpenPLC or Modbus. We have prepared a short tutorial with a step-by-step explanation of how to bring machine alarms to the smartwatch by using an IoT Gateway.

Tutorial: Mobile alarms with IoT gateway

Industrial IoT smartwatch

The WORKERBASE smartwatch has been built to support the industrial internet of things. The entire system is built on a service oriented architecture and implements modern IoT technologies such as MQTT. IoT rapid protoyping platforms such as NodeRed can be integrated.

The smartwatch connects to the WORKERBASE industrial internet of things platform through Wifi.

The IIoT platform is a cloud-based system built with scalability and resilience in mind. Integration of existing line-of-business applications such as SAP ECC 6.0 or MES application is possible through standard web interfaces such as REST API or SOAP webservcies.

IIoT platform whitepaper

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