Industrial IoT platform

Use a smartwatch to interact with the Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT platform

WORKERBASE provides a Smartwatch connected to an Industrial IoT platform which integrates with your existing business applications. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) forms a subset of IoT and focuses on special industrial requirements.  IIoT differs from IoT in many ways due to the specific requirements of the industrial world.

WORKERBASE provides an IIoT smartwatch specifically made for the industrial requirements.


The WORKERBASE smartwatch connects to the cloud-based backend which in turn integrates with existing business applications. ERP, MES and WMS systems can be integrated via webservices such as REST or SOAP. SCADA alarms or machine alerts can be integrated via state-of-the-art protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT.


WORKERBASE provides a very scalable system. A Microservice and event-based system architecture offers easy integration of sensors and machines data. The WORKERBASE API supports data import from multiple systems and export to e.g. BI and analytics applications.


Security is critical for IIoT solutions. The WORKERBASE platform provides built-in security features such as a resilient system architecture, enterprise-grade encryption and authentication or a management console for end-to-end management of apps.