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Fully digital workflows to improve productivity and quality in electronics production

With fully digital workflows, we ensure process compliance, shorten reaction times and remove bottlenecks in electronics production.

Reduce quality costs and rework
Digital work instruction and consistent quality requirements enable employees to efficiently perform manual tasks to the highest quality, reducing rework and subsequent costs due to quality errors.

Improve productivity
Assign requests from the work station to the relevant target person in real-time to reduce bottlenecks and accelerate work with visualized and explicit digital step-by-step instructions on tablet, phone and smartwatches.

Increase transparency
Digital workflows allow the collection of real-time data, real-time logging of process times and thus provide full transparency about process steps, process bottlenecks, waiting times, throughput times and root causes.

Dynamic Process Execution in electronics production

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Efficient multi-machine operation for decreased downtime

Machine interruptions, failures and downtimes are often detected too late due to a lack of data. Thus important KPIs such as OEE are not tracked. The WORKERBASE Platform can be connected to nearly all machines. By connecting your operators with mobile devices you can ensure that the right people receive the right information at the right time. Our digital work instructions with detailed task descriptions allow operators to take care of different machines and always solve the currently relevant task.
Multi-machine operation for improved OEE in electronic production
Increase transparency of processes in electronic production

Increase transparency and identify process bottlenecks of manual work steps

In many production areas it is often difficult to understand how long a process step takes and where the reasons for process delays and failures lie. With our solution operators can use digital checklists and process coordination apps to log times and track individual work steps. You then get full transparency about upcoming issues, the underlying root causes and the whole production status. You can visualize all performance metrics with real-time dashboards.

Improve productivity

Reduce waiting times between process steps with real-time collaboration. Allow operators at a work station to send support request and automatically distribute the request to the right target group with our Digital Andon solution.

Digital Andon guideline

Download our Digital Andon solution guideline.
Improve quality in electronic production

Improve quality and reduce rework

Error-proof assembly with detailed work instructions that incorporate text, pictures, video and data collection workflows enable workers to produce goods in high quality and reduce rework.
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Benefits of Dynamic Process Execution for discrete manufacturing

Increase OEE
Improve productivity
Increase production transparency

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