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Improve OEE and increase product quality in production of food & beverages

With our digital work instructions we support operators to maximize machine utilization and product quality.

Reduce machine changeover times
Use of the "Single Minute Exchange of Die" to reduce preparation time and speed up the setup process with various filling and packaging materials, parallelize tasks and provide step-by-step instructions.

Improve OEE
Identify, solve and prevent machine downtimes with real-time workflows on mobile devices.

Improve quality to reduce waste and costs
Guide workers through detailed visual and error-proof workflows like weigh/dispense operations, quality inspections or data collection workflows to avoid faulty products and reduce waste.

Dynamic Process Execution for F&B production

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Quality audit for a fast detection of production errors and their root causes

The production of food and beverages is subject to strict quality controls, so that even minute deviations in machine set up, ingredients, filling levels or product labeling can lead to defective products. Our audit application provides digital checklists on mobile devices with step-by-step instructions, to ensure a maximum quality of goods.
Quality audit for ffod and beverages

Digital Andon guideline

Download our Digital Andon solution guideline.

Improve OEE with Digital ANDON

Machine failures are often not noticed in time because workers do not easily recognize the alarm lights attached to the machine. Signal lights or centralized boards are an inefficient way to indicate machine interruptions. Our Digital Andon solution assigns machine alarms to right operators in real-time to reduce machine downtimes.

Flexible and dynamic work instructions

The high variance and product diversity in food and beverage production requires many different work processes in the filling and setting of machines. Our digital workflows guide operators through these complex workflows and ensure that the correct setup is used for each batch.
digital work for food and beverages
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Benefits of Dynamic Process Execution for food & beverages production

Increase OEE
Improve productivity
Increase production transparency

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