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Connect your workforce and enable flexible work for improved productivity

Our Dynamic Process Execution platform allows more flexible process coordination and increases transparency about production status.

Increase transparency
Digital workflows allow the collection of real-time data, e.g. logging of process times and thus provide full transparency about process steps, process bottlenecks, waiting times, throughput times and root causes.

Increase productivity
Guide your workforce with digital work instructions. Optimize your setup based on real-time data to reduce process disruptions and improve material flow.

Improve collaboration
Digital workflows establish clear communication channels. Operators do not have to wait for each other and issues can be fixed much faster.

Dynamic Process Execution for the machinery and tooling industry

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Improve collaboration with Digital ANDON

Reduce waiting times between process steps with real-time collaboration. Allow operators at work station to send support request and automatically distribute the request to the right target group with our Digital ANDON solution.

Digital Andon guideline

Download our Digital Andon solution guideline.
Collect data with digital workflows for automotive

Error-proof your assembly with digital work instructions

Using standardized work procedures on digital devices help you ensure consistent quality and reduces onboarding times for your new employees. Guide operators with step-by-step work instructions that display context information from connected system and IIoT devices. Provide BOMs and track, coordinate and interconnect all required manual activities.

Process coordination, confirmation and tracking

Provide digital workflows on multiple devices so that operators can flexibly log data and process status. Use smartphones and smartwatches to collect data in a mobile fashion or use mounted displays for data feedback at the work station.
turn data into sustainability
Upskill peoplebackbone for sustainable operations

Data-driven insights for continuous improvements

Advance lean production principles with digital workflows, collect data in real-time and directly turn data into continuous improvements. Visualize the collected data with KPI dashboards on larger displays or use sophisticated AI functions for actionable insights. You can identify process bottlenecks when they occur and utilize forecasts of your production status to coordinate work sequences in the most efficient way.
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Benefits of Dynamic Process Execution for machinery and tooling

Improve productivity
Increase process transparency
Reduce quality costs

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