Alarm app

Alarm App

Alarm App

The Workerbase alarm app alerts users in real-time in case of incidents or abnormal situations. For example, in case of machine downtimes, service technicians can get notifications on their smartwatch.

All alerts must be accepted on the smartwatch or delegated to co-workers. With this, a quick response to incidents in ensured. The smartwatch alerts can be freely configured with the WORKERBASE AppBuilder to include step-by-step work instructions. Operators thus not only get a notification about an incident but also guidance on how to remedy the situation.

How does the alarm app work?

  1. Configure alerting rules: create a business rule which defines when an alert should be triggered. The business rule can include external trigger mechanism and supports protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT, REST interfaces or email.
  2. Configure user roles and required skills: this ensures that alerts will be sent to the correct users
  3. Configure work instructions: create step-by-step work instructions in a web-browser which will be displayed on the smartwatch together with an alert. The instructions can include any type of media, e.g. text, images, video, audio together with a range of function blocks, e.g. barcode scan, input value lists, approval buttons.
  4. Alert distribution: in case an alert is triggered as defined in the alerting rule, the notification is sent to the defined user group.
  5. Workflow progress: all workflow tasks are recorded and are visible in the WORKERBASE backend
  6. Data export: in case needed, the WORKERBASE system can be configured to export the captured data to existing line-of-business applications, e.g. ERP or MES systems

The WORKERBASE alarm app is well suited for industrial internet of things environments. For example, the WORKERBASE Node-Red connector allows easy integration of Node-Red with the WORKERBASE smartwatch. You can easily set up custom alarm routines and HMIs to display changing data from Node-Red. Set up your own HMI for Node-Red flows in minutes and send data to and from Node-Red.

Benefits of the alarm app

Improvement of machine uptime by 3-5%

Alert operators in real-time in case a machine breaks down.

Efficient maintenance coordination

Direct assignment of repair orders to the correct technician.

Increase maintenance productivity

Avoidance of unnecessary work steps (e.g. check machine to determine tools required)

Improved collaboration

Avoid clash of responsibilities between workers and assign work to free workers.

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