From data to actionable insights

Increase transparency of manufacturing operation

While WORKERBASE apps improve the worker productivity for a dedicated workflow, WORKERBASE analytics delivers the long term benefits by providing deep business intelligence insights.  All WORKERBASE apps work on a common data backbone. WORKERBASE analytics apps work on top of the data that has been newly created by the applications the workers use and help to increase shopfloor transparency.

Collect data

The WORKERBASE wearable devices collect completely new datapoints. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the smartwatch is an important datapoint.

Generate reports

The WORKERBASE software platform stores all generated data and provides analytics functions. From simple overview tables to dynamic dashboards, WORKERBASE provides flexible reports for an enhanced transparency of manufacturing operation.

Export to dedicated business intelligence applications

If you decide to use your existing business intelligence application, you can use the provided API for data export.

WORKERBASE analytics help to optimize business processes in manufacturing operation. For example, a material flow analytics app helps to trace materials and is able to visualize material flow.

Analytics functions

Overview tables


Monthly KPI reports

Integration of analytics apps

API for data export