Apps with App Builder

No programming required

App building made easy

WORKERBASE provides apps on wearable devices to make manual work more efficient. The AppBuilder tool allows the development of apps without programming. An easy-to-use web interface enables administrators to choose from pre-tested app templates, to modify workflow steps of existing apps or to extend apps with additional functionality.

Create apps

With the easy-to-use interface it is possible to create apps in minutes. App development is no longer a function for SW-developers but can also be performed by professionals working in manufacturing by selecting and connecting function blocks.

Once all function blocks are connected, the publishing of the created app to the WORKERBASE smartwatch can be initiated from the web browser. This enables efficient deployment of apps in real time.

Modify existing apps

Once you have built your app, you are able to change it at anytime. Should your process change, you can easily modify workflow steps to adapt to changing business requirements.

For example, one customer needs to change a simple workflow and integrate different approval steps. He can do so by modifying the existing workflow steps and adding addititional approval rules.

Extend proven apps for reuse

You are able to extend proven apps for reuse in additional business contexts. Should you need additional app functionality, you can choose from a range of different function blocks such as Barcode Scan, Camera, Number spinner, Lists, Approval Buttons and more.

For example, one customer needs a Photo documentation app for outgoing goods. The required interactions “Barcode scan” and “Camera” are provided as out-of-the-box function blocks and can easily combined to form the required app. The customer then decides to reuse the app and adds an additional function block for selecting values from a pre-defined list. The resulting app can then be used as an Incident Reporter app for Quality management which allows to barcode-scan material or machines, take photos and select error codes from the smartwatch.

WORKERBASE allows to easily build and modify apps by using a web-browser. No programming required. Please provide your email address to get access to our video tutorial How to create an app in 5 minutes.

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App Builder functions

Web-based interface to design workflows

Easy generation of apps

Over-the-air deployment to Workerbase devices

Pre-made function blocks for user interactions: data entry, barcode scanning, camera, value selection in lists etc.

Filter and rule mechanisms to configure business logic