Goods inspection app

Goods inspection App

Goods Inspection App

The WORKERBASE goods inspection app provides efficient inspection routines directly from the smartwatch. You can use the goods inspection app to efficiently document incoming goods by using the barcode scanner, the 8 megapixel camera and the workflow functionality to put in values on the smartwatch. The entire business logic of the goods inspection app can be customised, thus you can use the app for goods out documentation as well. You can change the order of screens, modify value list and even include additional function blocks e.g. audio messaging in case needed. You can define users and business logic in the WORKERBASE workflow management software. The entire configuration will be done in a web browser and can be adapted at any time. All data is directly sent from the smartwatch to the workflow management software and will be stored for later  reference. The setup and configuration of the smartwatch-based workflow do not need programming efforts.

How does the goods inspection app work?

  1. Users inspect incoming goods and produce records using the SmartWatch 8MP Camera (still pictures or HD video).
  2. In case needed, users can scan barcodes to assign images to a particular order.
  3. In case needed, users can select from a value list e.g. to easily and quickly describe defects or collect other process data like logistics provider, goods variants etc.
  4. The captured data is directly stored in the WORKERBASE workflow management system.

The WORKERBASE goods inspection app can be used in single-user mode or can be configured to include more than one user role. With this, you can set up multi-user workflows. In the example, one user from inbound logistics performs the inspection routine and then sends the data for approval to a user in the role quality management. All user roles and assignment of employees to roles can easily be configured in the WORKERBASE workflow management software.

Benefits of the goods inspection app

Efficient inspection workflows

Assisting users in inspection routines with step-by-step workflows on the smartwatch

Easy-to-use data entry

Very fast data entry and direct mapping to existing data using barcode scan

Take pictures and save to the cloud

No need to sort images from digital camera by hand

Increase inspection productivity

Optional integration of subsequent workflows, e.g. if defect is reported, the repair team is alerted directly

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