Kanban pull system app

Kanban Pull System App

Kanban Pull System App

The target of a pull-based manufacturing approach is to only produce goods as they are required by the customer or when required by the next step of the production process. That means, goods are not processed without a specific customer order. Replenishment for materials is not ordered before existing items have been used. Such a system is also called build to order production system or build to order inventory system.


Usually, Kanbard card system are being used to set up pull systems. With kanban cards, a worker can indicate that he requires inputs from the previous work station. This may include raw materials from warehouse or work-in-progress (WIP) from upstream operation work station.


With the WORKERBASE kanban pull system app, orders for materials or work-in-progress are sent from the smartwatch. This ensures that materials are delivered only when required and in the configuration as requested from the smartwatch interface.

How does the Kanban pull system app work?

  1. Kanban creation: Order entry using kanban pull system app on smartwatch or tablet
  2. Kanban announcement : Order task is created in the WORKERBASE backend and an automatic annoucement to a group of “fulfillment users” (e.g. forklifter drivers, picking agents) is sent.
  3. Pull workflows: The “fulfillment user” performs the workflow using his smartwatch.
  4. Kanban update : the ordering user gets realtime updates of progress

The WORKERBASE Kanban app pull system app can be used for many application areas. In the example, the app is used for ordering missing material. The assembly worker uses the kanban app on the tablet to indicate missing material. The material request is sent to a forklift driver who uses the WORKERBASE smartwatch to fulfill the order.

Benefits of the Kanban pull system app

Simple material or WIP ordering with embedded fulfillment logic

Ideal application for last minute orders (e.g. missing items resupply) that works end to end from order generation to fulfilment.

Elimination of movement waste and obsolete stock

Movement of materials or WIP only when it is required instead of just to accumulate inventory.

Simple implementation of a Just-in-time system

Realtime feedback of order status to user having placed the order.

Save costs

Minimization of WIP and buffer stock

Increased operational flexibility

Increased flexibility to react to changing customer demands.

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