Picking app

Picking App

The WORKERBASE picking app brings picking instructions directly to the smartwatch. The WORKERBASE systems allows to integrate your existing line-of-business application like e.g. SAP ECC 6.0 and displays information about the items to be picked in a sequential order on the display of the smartwatch. Workers pick items and scan the items with the smartwatch to approve picking. The picking app allows for instant feedback, e.g. in case of missing material or to report missing items.

How does the picking app work?

  1. Existing logistics systems e.g. Warehouse management systems, MES or ERP systems produces a list of picking jobs in a predefined sequence.
  2. The logistic system is integrated with WORKERBASE through an API.
  3. The API is used to create a task for each job.
  4. The tasks get assigned to a user in the same sequence as in the source system.
  5. The user gets a notification on his smartwatch to accept a batch of tasks.
  6. The user performs the picking task and reports feedback in case needed.
  7. Each task’s status is reported in the backend and can be updated to the existing system.
  8. The entire process can be customised from a web browser to fit to individual picking scenarios.
pick by watch
pick by watch

WORKERBASE provides a complete solution for pick-by-watch applications. The picking app allows to follow an efficient picking workflow, starting with the assignment of a picking task, task fulfilment with the integrated barcode scanner and the ability to feed back data. In case needed, external bluetooth barcode scanners can be integrated. The smartwatch then acts as an easy-to-use visual interface for the external bluetooth barcode scanner.

Benefits of the picking app

Efficient picking

Digital picking with realtime feedback (item by item)

Save implementation costs

No need to develop any applications on the frontend

Ready to use

No rewrite of task assignment logic

Productivity increase

Save 25% time compared to paper based solution

User friendly alternative to pick-by-vision or pick-by-voice

The pick-by-watch experience is user friendly and works with a well-known device form factor. Thus, it forms a user friendly alternative to pick-by-voice or pick-by-light solutions. The user experience feels more natural than existing pick-by-vision or pick-by-glass augmented reality alternatives.

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