Standard work app

Standard Work App

Standard Work App

With the standardization of work, process steps are organized in a way that any operator can easily follow the procedures. The goal is that tasks are performed the same way every time by setting up standards and clearly defined routines. This usually includes information such as timing, tools and raw materials used.

With the WORKERBASE standard work app, standard operating procedures can be defined and used as step-by-step instructions on the smartwatch. By using the integrated approval function, all required process steps have to be approved by the worker, the respective data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE workflow management system and can be used and analysed.

How does the Standard work app work?

  1. Creation of Standard work instructions: The creation of the standard operating procedures is performed in a web browser and can include the following parts:
    – Role and skills o the involved operators
    – Location or work area of the required task
    – Description of the task as a sequence of steps, defining how the tasks should be performed
    – Pictures, diagrams or videos on how to carry out out the task
    – Approval buttons ensuring that operators sign off the task performed
  2. Standard work workflows: The standard work procedure can include more than one sequence of tasks. The WORKERBASE systems allows to configure an unlimited amount of different standard operating procedures which can be combined as needed. The system allows the setup of business rules which hold the respective workflow logic, e.g. a completed “Assembly workflow” carried out by role “Assembly” will trigger a “Quality Approval worflow” and will be assigned to the role “Quality assurance”.
  3. Recording of all performed tasks: All performed standard work instructions are recorded and are visible in the WORKERBASE backend. All data can be analysed or exported to existing business applicatiions like SAP or or MES systems.

The WORKERBASE standard work app allows to create step-by-step standard operating procedures which will be displayed on the smartwatch. The creation of a standard operating procedure can be done in a visual interface from a web browser. All you need to to is to combine different pre-built function blocks and adapt the workflow to your needs.

Benefits of the Standard work app

Increase OEE and throughput

Ensure operators carry out a task in the same way.

Improve quality

Improve work consistency. Prevent errors in the production process and reduce re-work.

Optimise training and onboarding

Improve training procedures for new staff

Improved collaboration

Avoid clash of responsibilities between workers and assign work to free workers.

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