Support call app

Support call App

Support Call App

To increase collaboration and operational felxibility, the WORKERBASE support call app allows adhoc creation of support calls. Workers on the shopfloor can initiate support calls at anytime by using the app on their smartwatch. The support requests will be routed to pre-defined users or user groups who will then provide assisstance. This may include technical support, medical help or any other assistance which is requested. All activities will be stored in the WORKEBASE workflow management system and can be analysed later on, e.g. it is possible to generate reports on how long reaction times in case of support requests really are. This increases transparency about shop floor operations.

How does the Support call app work?

The entire business logic oft he support call app can be configured to meet individual requirements. This includes the set up of value lists, help buttons and user groups how might be of assistance in case a help request is sent. A typical set up usually looks like this:



  1. A user triggers a support request by selecting his problem and required support from a value list.
  2. A task announcement is sent to a group of users (e.g. forklifter drivers or service technicians).
  3. Any user who is available may acknowledge the task and starts execution
  4. Task progress is reflected in the WORKERBASE system. Progress can be forwarded to the user as a system message, e.g. “Request accepted”.
support call app

The WORKERBASE support call app offers real-time alerting functions to increase communication and collaboration at the shop floor. The entire business logic of the support call app can be customised to meet individual needs, e.g. user groups, support call messages or error codes can be modified with a web browser. The setup and customisation of the support call app is done in minutes, it’s only clicks in a web browser instead of writing software code.

Benefits of the Support call app

Improved communication

Avoidance of ad-hoc communication and unclear processes.

Improved productivity

Notifies user with all required information (e.g. location, tools required, deadline, etc.)

Better work coordination

Implicit workload coordination and realtime information on status for all users.

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