Task management

Work instructions, Notifications and Feedback from the shopfloor

Plan for the unplannable with task management

We have all been there before. In most factories, tasks are planned on a fixed schedule derived from a well-organised planning system. When an urgent issue find its way to the shopfloor, flexibility is needed. A core feature of the WORKERBASE platform is the task management functionality, which allows to dynamically assign tasks, workflows and handovers.

a Task is a simple announcement about a job to be done

Usually, workers get a task announcement with a short textual description directly send to their smartwatch. Example: Bob gets a task that he has to move material to production line B.

a Workflow is a combination of more than one task in a sequenced order

Example: Julie gets the workflow that she has to scan a material number, move the material to production line B and take a photo of the material for documentation.

a Handover describes the combination of different tasks and workflows.

In case a user finishes a workflow, the next user should be notified. This is what the handover is about. Example: Julie has finished her workflow and approves completion on her smartwatch. Now a new workflows is triggered and the handover is sent to Jane. Janes workflow includes a quality check and quality approval on the smartwatch.

WORKERBASE provides a range of task management functions which allow the powerful combination of tasks, workflows and handovers. As a result, work coordination on the shopfloor can be improved by increased organisational flexibility.

Task management functions

Automatic triggering of tasks

Tasks and workflows can be triggered from other tasks, from the backend system or from external systems

Flexible task management

Task and workflow assignments to workers can be based on name, job role, location or skill set of a worker

Task delegation

Tasks and workflows can be accepted or delegated by the worker with the smartwatch

Easy administration

Tasks and workflows can be easily created and modified with the WORKERBASE App Builder

Different data types supported

Tasks and workflows can include a range of different operations e.g. select values from value list, take photo, scan barcode, approval buttons

Feedback on completion

After completion, workers provide feedback on completion. This usually triggers a handover.

Concatenation of workflows

Handovers allow the creation of workflow chains with the ability to administer all data in the WORKERBASE backend

Data analytics capabilities

All data is automatically stored in the system and can be measured and analyzed