Material management

Digital support and replenishment workflows enable just-in-time material provisioning. The material management app runs on tablet, smartphone and smartwatch and provides easy-to-use functions to create replenishment requests.

Your benefits

Efficient replenishment workflows

Configurable worfklows to create custom material replenishment workflows.

Improve collaboration across fucntions

With the tool multiple material and tool management processes can be optimized across functions and across different device types (smartwatch, smartphone, tablets).

Real-time data for data-driven optimization

All activities and interactions are stored in the system and the real-time data can be used to improve material management processes, e.g. just-in-time delivery.

How it works

Start workflow

The operator uses his smartphone to start a workflow. All steps and instructions can be customized with the WORKERBASE system to create individual solutions.


Digital checkpoints

Operators can use digital checklists to e.g. create replenishment worfklows or to log out tools from the tool database.

Data visualization

The WORKERBASE system allows real-time coordination of activities and presents all material management activities through Kanban dashboards.



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