Multi machine operation

OEE analytics

The OEE analytics app allows to efficiently collect machine or quality data directly from the shopfloor. Configurable data input forms for smartwatch or smartphone enable operators to feed back missing data points, e.g. error codes in case of machine downtimes. All data is automatically sent to the WORKERBASE system and can be merged with machine data to create holistic OEE dashboards that do not only show main KPIs but also include additional data for root cause analysis.

Your benefits

Speed up data collection
Collect data directly at the machine

Leverage real-time analytics
Track the factory’s effectiveness and increase transparency with a digital OEE dashboard

Integrate with business applications

Connect to your existing dashboards via standard interfaces

How it works

Machine failure occurs

Operator encounters a machine failure and investigates the reason of the failure.


Select failure reason

After identifying the reason, the operator opens the associated app.

Document failure reason

The operator selects a failure reason from the presented list. The list can be generated dynamically and can also be linked to specific machines.


Track failure reasons

The data is automatically listed within the WORKERBASE analytics dashboard. The dashboards can be accessed with a web browser and present real-time insights into the failure root causes.

OEE Dashboard

With the input of your workers the overall equipment effectiveness can be updated in real-time to create a holistic view abut all relevant data.


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