Smartwatches for
mobile alarm

Alerts on the smartwatch to reduce waiting times and operator response times.

The Workerbase solution provides mobile alarm management functions for rapid alarm routing, flexible configuration of alarm scenarios and tracking the progress of all activated alarms in real time thus improving operating conditions.

When an incident or abnormal situation occurs, the WORKERBASE smartwatch is the primary notification and alerting device. The WORKERBASE alarm app directly sends alerts to the smartwatch of a user, e.g. service technicians. Alerts can be accepted via the app on the smartwatch or delegated to available co-workers. This allows users to respond instantly to incidents, emergencies and abnormal situations. In turn, this drastically improves the alarm management performance by reducing operator response times.

The system can be configured to accept alarms from different sources. This includes machine alarms through e.g. Siemens Simatic S7-1500, OPC UA or REST and notifications from existing line-of-business applications like SAP. The most straightforward way to set up a mobile alarm management system is to get alerts on the smartwatch through email. Emails from any kind of system can be accepted and will be routed to the respective user or group of users.

Real-time notifications

Instant notifications on a smartwatch for professional alarm management and control systems.

Integration of existing systems

Central administration of messages and alarms from different systems. Integration of existing systems via standard interfaces such as REST API to improve alarm system performance.

Integration of PLC

Communication between smartwatch and PLC systems, e.g. Siemens Simatic S7. In case of PLC or machine errors, the smartwatch will automatically alert technicians. The smartwatch becomes the primary device for notification and alerts. Alerts can be acknowledged on the smartwatch or delegated to co-workers. Users can respond rapidly to incidents reported from PLC such as Simatic S7.

Integration of Email

Increase response times by using Smartwatches to receive alerts from other users or systems via email. Selected email alerts can be routed to the smartwatch, allowing the flexible configuration of alarm scenarios. All email alerts get tracked in real time, workers can acknowledge email alerts from the smartwatch.

Flexible incident management workflows

Provisioning of work instructions on smartwatch provide guidance on what tasks need to be done to remedy an incident and to reduce alarm floods.

Video tutorial: Setting up alarm management with emails

video tutorial

Please provide your name and email to access our video tutorial: How to create a custom email notification workflow for mobile alarm management.

The tutorial introduces an easy an straightforward approach to send notifications from email to the smartwatch.

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Receive alarm from field devices

From challenges …

… to results

Most factories are equipped with a range of systems to monitor manufacturing operation. In case of failures or abnormal situations, a large number of error messages and data about exceeding threshold values is usually sent, e.g. in case of unplanned machine downtimes, malfunctioning tools, or if temperatures in server rooms exceed a critical value. In such cases, quick troubleshooting is needed.

In many factories, alerts from different systems are sent across different channels ranging from stationary panels, to email, SMS and smartphone apps. For operators, it becomes increasingly challenging to work with different systems. Multiple channels need to be overseen, directly impacting the efficiency of maintenance and service delivery.

The WORKERBASE solution helps you to overcome the challenges related to alarm management and alerting users. WORKERBASE provides an efficient mobile alarm management system using smartwatches. Alerts are directly sent to the smartwatch of the operator or service technician with the WORKERBASE alarm app.

Start easy with a lightweight approach and send emails directly to the smartwatch. If needed, existing line-of-business applications can be integrated via REST interfaces or OPC UA.

ISA-18.2 defines an alarm as “An audible and/or visible means of indicating to the operator an equipment malfunction, process deviation, or abnormal condition requiring a response.” Thus, an alarm is more than a message or an event, because it is indicating a condition demanding quick corrective action.

Hence it is important to reduce alarm floods and to provide the operator with related information such as priority, root cause, and a standard response procedure. By sending this information to the smartwatch, the operator can efficiently react to the alarm. By only sending relevant alarms, prioritising them and by attaching necessary related information,  operators are empowered to response accordingly and not to delay response, or even ignore the alarm.

Efficient and transparent error management with real-time alerts to improve plant operation

Better reaction times of service technicians with real-time alerts on smartwatch

System downtimes reduced

Roundtrips for technicians across the shopfloor can be avoided

Step-by-step instructions on the smartwatch ensure compliance to repair standards

A fully digital workflow with feedback capabilities increases data quality of performed maintenance work