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Agile manufacturing consulting

We help you create the Agile factory.

The ability to operate in a rapidly changing business environment requires organizations to adapt quickly. We teamed up with GKN PM and created a joint consulting offering to accelerate data-driven manufacturing.
Our particular strength is the combined extensive experience of both partners. We have successfully implemented digitalization on the shop floor in many factories across the globe. Now you can benefit from our combined industry and digitalization expertise!

Our consulting services
for agile manufacturing

How we help you
Many companies are overwhelmed by the wide range of smart factory solutions, technologies and possibilities as part of the Industry 4.0 initiatives. Cloud-computing, artificial intelligence, machine connectivity and more clearly show tremendous potential. We help you select and implement the right technologies needed for creating the agile factory.
We have done it before!
Our particular strength is our extensive experience. We have successfully implemented digitalization on the shop floor in many factories across the globe. Our service offering is based on the four modules Digital Processes, Worker Empowerment, Agile Shop-floor and Data-driven Operations with different services per module. All modules and services can be combined depending on your individual needs.
Digital solutions to extend your existing production system. Benefit from real-time workflows on mobile devices.
Focus on employees strengths and continuously upgrade their competencies. Leverage efficient training and onboarding of workers.
Competence driven and highly agile and flexible shop-floor organization. Increase operational flexibility wirth optimal and automatic work coordination.
Smart data analytics for actionable insights. Create a data-driven organization with reliable decisions based on real-time facts.
Agile readiness check
Agile readiness check

Evaluate the state of your organization and what solutions should be implemented.

The Agile Readiness Check assesses the maturity level of your company in a systematic and holistic way and forms the basis for the identification of improvement measures.

Agile readiness check
Visit to reference factory
Visit to reference factory

Visit our GKN reference factories.

Get first-hand experience on how an agile shop-floor looks like. Learn how digital tools help employees perform better.

Visit to reference factory
Digital production
Digital production

Analyze your existing production setup and define areas for improvement

Increase the efficiency of your production workflow and implement real-time changes by utilizing apps that manage machine operations, material movement and connect employees through mobile devices on the shop floor.

Digital production

Step 1:

We help you assess your agile manufacturing maturity and create a custom implementation plan by selecting the relevant solution blocks.

Step 2:

By visiting our smart factory reference plants you will experience digital transformation from a close perspective. You will benefit from discussions with management and employees and see the solution in real life.

Step 3:

You establish digital processes in hands-on workshops by using the WORKERBASE platform. You benefit from GKN’s digital transformation experts who will help you setting up the solution for your requirements.

Consulting services

Step 4:
Use our apps

With the WORKERBASE platform, you can create agile manufacturing processes in a short time. This will help you to create long-term successes with your smart factory.

App suites for agile manufacturing

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