Data analytics for manufacturing

Using a comprehensive data analytics framework, process issues can easily be detected and removed.
Once workers are connected with mobile devices and provide real-time information of their work, the resulting data can be combined with existing data to create a complete view of the production flow. The resulting information captures all the work related to production of a particular product including not only the machine operation times and possible failures but also working time related to machine operation, problem resolution, assembly time, logistics and others.
capacity problems

Identify capacity problems

Some problems may solely be related to lack of operating capacity. This can be related to workstation availability or low availability of people with the right skills. In the WORKERBASEE system, it is very easy to identify such problems since it will produce a spike in response times for tasks of a certain category. This means staff is simply not able to deal with the tasks in a timely fashion. If in return tasks do not get accepted by users but users are also not busy either, it surfaces a capacity problem. Based on historical data, WORKERBASE is able so plan ahead and suggest preventive actions.

Identify process issues

It is very easy to identify process issues when the WORKERBASE platform is running. A typical scenario is amount of support calls from certain stations or reported quality issues. If any of these are higher than average, regardless of shift or personnel working, there is clearly a process issue ahead. Since WORKERBASE captures historical data, it can also be used to detect these types of issues in realtime instead of running analysis in hindsight.
digital workflows in the smart factory
digital workflows in the smart factory

Visualize KPIs

For a wide range of situations it is already very helpful to purely visualize certain information. Workers may need to know a station’s capacity ahead of time or decision makers may want to understand their available options. Using the WORKERBASE platform, all available data can be processed in real-time to constantly produce up-to-date KPIs. These KPIs can be configured in the analytics engine to suit any kind of operational requirement.

Compatibility with business analytics tools

WORKERBASE can be used with a wide range of business analytics tools:
Microsoft PowerBI, Hyperion, SAP, SAS Institute, IBM, Oracle, Qlik, Tableau, Teradata, palantir, Informatica, Adobe, Alteryx, Amazon Web Services, Board, ClearStory Data, Datameer, Datawatch, Domo, GoodData, Information Builders, Logi Analytics, MedeAnalytics, Microstrategy, OmniSci, OpenText, Panorama Software, Pyramid Analytics, Retail Solutions, Rosslyn Data Technologies, Sisense, SplashBI, Tango Analytics, ThoughtSpot, TIBCO, TOTVS, Verisk Analytics, Webtrends, Wolters Kluwer, Yellowfin BI
BI tools interoperability

Customer case study

Download our customer case study from GKN PM about data-driven production.

Turn data into action!

At GKN PM, workers used to be assigned to fixed roles on the shop floor. This has changed since the introduction of the WORKERBASE platform. Today, GKN uses a data-driven production organisation. All tasks are assigned based on competencies and availability of the employees using real-time data. Resources can be used more efficiently and customer orders can be served more quickly.

Benefits of using real-time data analytics in manufacturing

With WORKERBASE real-time data analytics, you obtain the insights you are looking for. Individually created workflows allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge across multiple workflow steps.  Real-time analytics and workflows allow to directly turn data into action.
Make hidden data accessible
Gain full visibility on the status of your operational processes
Understand the root causes of production inefficiencies
Make quick and reliable decisions based on real-time facts

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