Build standard operational procedures and manufacturing apps without programming.
Using the WORKERBASE Low-Code Studio, standard work instructions can be created for any device. Without the need to do any programming, the Low-Code editor allows to build workflows for Smartglasses, Smartwatches, Smartphones, Tablets, Workstations and PCs and a wide range of traditional wearables and barcode scanners. Please check the Workerbase device portfolio for more information on the supported hardware.
digital workflows in the smart factory

Ensure work is done right every time

Since volatility and complexity in production is quickly increasing, new workers need to be onboarded frequently and knowledge of experienced staff needs to be captured.
Standardized work instructions ensure workers always know what to do at any given point in time as well as knowing how to perform the job producing minimal quality issues. Taking work procedures from paper to a digital device ensure staff always have information at hand and do not need to interrupt their work searching for the right information. Especially in areas with high complexity and/or many variants, reminding workers of the critical aspects ensures the highest yield rates.

Create app-based workflows in a minute

The low-code editor allows to construct workflows on a functional basis. There is no need to engage in screen design and complex authoring, instead a workflow is constructed out of functional modules such as scanning barcodes, displaying text or media (audio/video/picture), capturing location information or navigating between screens. The functional library includes everything needed to construct all kinds of work instructions across all device classes.
Workinstructions can be constructed in any language and will automatically adapt to the language of the user. Once a user is using a standard work instructions, the process information is captured in the WORKERBASE system and can later be used for any kind of analytical process. Information entered within workinstructions is also recorded and can be fed into a range of subsequent modules such as speech-to-text or image recognition.
digital workflows in the smart factory
digital workflows in the smart factory

Adapt work instructions to the level of skill

While many standard work instructions may be relevant to all levels of skill, it is not efficient to force workers to click through a long list of step-by-step instructions when they have already performed the exact same task a thousand times or more. The WORKERBASE system can adapt workinstructions based in the skill level of the worker and show only the most critical and relevant pieces of information. Skill levels can be set by administrators or automatically recorded based on usage of the system.

Connect existing datasources to workinstructions

Using the WORKERBASE system integration framework, it is very easy to use any kind of external datasource in workinstructions. Data can be statically imported or dynamically fed into the system depending on the nature of the data.
digital workflows in the smart factory

Benefits of the WORKERBASE
Low-code Studio

With our low-code app development framework you can flexibly create standard work instructions and manufacturing apps that help to reduce variations in quality. You can coordinate the entire information flow in your shopfloor operations to improve productivity of your staff. Usage of the Low-Code Studio is straightforward and as easy as using conventional office applications.
Shorter app development cycles
Increased flexibility
Full system integration
Full system

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