Process mining event logs
for manufacturing

Generate the missing data for your process mining projects.
A great amount of process mining projects that try to address shopfloor processes has failed because of the lack of critical data – WORKERBASE provides that data. 
While process mining is very successfully used to analyze white collar processes, it often lacks the right data from the shopfloor in order to be able to derive any meaningful conclusions. This is where connecting machines does simply not provide enough data points and data from manual work processes is missing.
The WORKERBASE system can provide the missing event log data for any of the available process mining systems.
generating event logs from manual activities

Generating an event log from manual work

By default WORKERBASE already creates an event log for process mining systems. When new workflows are generated, they are automatically compatible with all process mining tools. Through the usage of contextual information, the data coming from machines or white collar processes is aligned with the shopfloor data and brought into a sequence for analysis.

Turn event logs into actions

The conclusions from the process mining tools can directly be fed back into the WORKERBASE system to trigger the respective actions. This allows to close the loop between generation of data, analysis and corrective action. Making a WORKERBASE installation compatible with a process mining tool can be achieved within a few hours only.
turn event logs into action
digital workflows in the smart factory

Compatibility with process mining tools

Celonis, Signavio/SAP, UIPath, LanaLabs/Appian, QPR, ProcessGold, Minit, Aris, Kofax, Icaro, ProDiscovery, Worksoft, Fujitsu, PAFNow, Datapolis, Smartsense, Nintex, Apromore

Benefits of using WORKERBASE 
for process mining in manufacturing

Combine event logs from manual activities with event logs from enterprise business systems like MES, ERP or other. Feedback insights and directly trigger the respective actions as real-time workflows on mobile devices to close the loop between data analysis and corrective action.
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