System integrations

Create interfaces to any system without large integration efforts.
Connect any existing system or machine using common protocols such OPC-UA and MQTT or any vendor specific data formats such as Siemens S7 and others.
digital workflows in the smart factory

Easily connect to any system

WORKERBASE can easily connect to any system you are already using in your organization. Using the unique connector framework, you do not need to engage with your other system’s vendors in order to connect them to the WORKERBASE platform. The steps required are very straightforward:
Create a new connector: Creating a new connector will allow you to receive data using HTTP. If you would like to send data using other protocols, you would need to add one more intermediate step to translate any other data protocol into HTTP. You can connect any protocol like OPC-UA, SOAP, MQTT or even binary protocols running over TCP/IP or UDP.
Send data to the connector: Once your connector is ready, you simply send some data from your system to it. The data received will be shown immediately.
Select the incoming data according to your needs: As a last step you simply browse through the data you have received and select the information that is relevant for your needs. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

System compatibility

WORKERBASE is compatible with a wide range of systems and allows you to receive and send data between any of your existing systems:
Siemens, SAP, Dassault Systems, mpdv, Bosch, Plex, Oracle, Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, Parsec, Aveva, iTAC, Epicor, Aptean, Sepasoft, Emerson, ABB, 42Q, Aegis, FORCAM, MAJIQ, Applied Materials, NetSuite, Solumina, AIM Vision, FactoryTalk, COSMINO, ProLEIT, ISI Automation, OPUS, ORBIS, Apriso, Adicom, iTAC, GFOS, SIMATIC IT, SAP ME, camLine, InQu, Werum, Felten, Syncos, Proxia, , PSIPENTA, Industrie Informatik, Grass, IBS, FasTec, Fauser, AIS, apromace, ifm Datalink, critical manufacturing, Aegis, gbo datacomp, DE Software and more
digital workflows in the smart factory

Benefits of a fully integrated production system

With a heterogenous production system, typically the underlying information systems are not sufficiently integrated. WORKERBASE provides an integration layer to enable end-to-end data processing, from human-driven worklow apps with real-time data capture to data analysis to interfaces with the underlying IT ecosystem.
End-to-end data processing
Single source of truth
Full information
Faster decisions and improved agility

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