Software for the automated continuous improvement of manual work processes

Continuous Improvement Platform

WORKERBASE allows automated continuous improvement of all manual work processes in a factory. The WORKERBASE Continuous Improvement Platform is a modular Industry 4.0 software for the flexible organization of manual work processes in manufacturing and logistics. With WORKERBASE you can efficiently create app-based workflows with a standard web browser and automatically deploy the apps on mobile devices. The software then automatically collects the workflow data and you gain complete transparency about your operational process data across the entire value chain.

How the Continuous Improvement Platform works

Improvement layer on top of existing systems

The WORKERBASE Continuous Improvement Platform works in combination with the Industrial Smartwatch or other mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Flexible system connectors allow the integration of existing line of business applications such as ERP or MES systems. Thus, the WORKERBASE system acts an improvement layer on top of the existing systems. Manufacturing apps can be easily created and improve all kinds of manual tasks.

Flexible operational processes

The WORKERBASE system automatically assigns individual tasks. Such tasks may origin from different systems such as ERP, MES and other. The WORKERBASE system reacts flexibly to process deviations, e.g. in the case of machine downtime or missing parts. Workers carry out tasks that have been assigned to them and can interact with their co-workers at anytime. 

Works across the value chain

Data from different subsystems can be flexibly integrated, e.g. a warehouse worker receives picking instructions from the ERP system. Based on the picking progress, a forklift driver will be notified automatically on his smartwatch, allowing for a route-optimized personalized workflow.

The WORKERBASE system provides a 360 degree view on the collected data. Improvement measures can be identified quickly and implemented automatically. The individual system modules work on a central database and can be combined as needed to seamlessly map overlapping processes.

Modular architecture of the Continuous Improvement platform

Continuous Improvement System

Adaptive scheduling

The WORKERBASE Adaptive Scheduling module allows automated distribution of tasks to relevant workers. Freely configurable business rules use real-time operational data for adaptive scheduling of tasks, e.g. in case of alarms, machine errors or pull-based processes.

Extensive range of functions

The WORKERBASE function modules and manufacturing apps fully cover the requirements of many business functions, e.g. data acquisition, assembly, machine setup, maintenance, quality management and logistics.

Configuration and Integration

Powerful tools for configuration and integration allow easy creation of customized solutions. WORKERBASE integrates via standard interfaces into the existing IT landscape and enables the creation of configurable apps with data from ERP, MES, SCADA or other business applications.

Highlights of the Continuous Improvement Platform

Task management

Central task management for flexible coordination of manual work.

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Workflow apps

Workflow apps with integration of ERP / MES  applications.

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Industry smartwatch

Apps for the industry smartwatchtablets and smartphones.

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AppBuilder for quick creation of individual apps without programming.

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Analytics to analyze data and self-improve manual workflows.

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Administration: Role and device management, 24×7 operation

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Business logic

Powerful rule management to create individual business logic.

Deployment options

Cloud or on-premise installation.

Smartwatch for Industry

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. It has a ruggedized form factor and includes many functions optimized for industrial use like an integrated barcode scanner.

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Applications to optmize your processes

Maintenance & Alarms

Discover how you can reduce machine downtimes to a minimum.

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Machine Configuration

Decrease machine changeover times by 81% with our industrial smartwatch.

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Data acquisition

Data collection couldn’t be easier with an industrial smartwatch.

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Quality management

Explore the manufacturing apps to help you capture errors and increase quality.

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Replace paper instructions with digital workflow apps to ensure proper standard work implementation.

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Improve intralogistics with digital logistics processes to reduce lead times.

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For all company sizes

The WORKERBASE Continuous Improvement System can be introduced gradually and expanded with additional apps and functions. The system supports both the requirements of medium-sized companies and large enterprises in terms of:





How WORKERBASE can help you

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