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Industry 4.0 Smartwatch with a powerful software suite

WORKERBASE is the platform for all manual tasks which need to be completed on the shopfloor. Our workflow management software helps to organise tasks, notify your workers, store process data and connect to existing business systems. Our manufacturing and logistics apps run on the WORKERBASE smartwatch and allow to digitise manual work and help your workers to perform better. All Smartwatch apps connect to the workflow management software and can be customised to your needs.

Apps for manufacturing and logistics

WORKERBASE offers manufacturing and logistics apps for wearable devices. All apps can be customised with the AppBuilder tool to meet individual requirements. The following apps are built to support your custom workflows and to coordinate manual work efficiently.

Coordination apps

Kanban Pull System App

Use the Kanban Pull System App to implement a just-in-time production system.

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Alarm App

Use the Alarm App for operator alerts to reduce waiting times.

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Support call App

Use the Support Call App to improve work coordination and collaboration.

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Workflow apps

Standard Work App

Use the Standard work App for standard operating procedures.

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Picking App

Use the Picking App for efficient picking and putting operations.

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Goods inspection App

Use the Goods inspection App to improve incoming goods inspection.

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Workflow management software suite

Work instructions, Notifications and Feedback from the shopfloor

Instructing workers, gathering data and collecting feedback: many processes are still paper-based. WORKERBASE removes paper and makes task management more efficient. Our platform allows to manage instructions in a web-browser, no programming required. Task notifications can be sent to the worker in realtime. Feedback can be collected and all generated data is stored in the WORKERBASE Industry 4.0 Software platform.

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App building made easy

Our AppBuilder tool allows to build apps without programming. A simple, web-based interface provides an intuitive way to design workflows and automatically generates apps. Your workflow becomes a chain of interactions on the smartwatch: easy to use and efficient to deploy.

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A new level of shopfloor transparency

WORKERBASE provides powerful analytics capabilities for manufacturing operations. By using the smartwatch, workers collect completely new datapoints. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the smartwatch is an important datapoint. The WORKERBASE software platform stores all generated data and allows quick insights or deep dives into process details. From simple overview tables to dynamic dashboards, we provide you with flexible reports for an enhanced shop floor transparency.

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Frictionless deployment and administration

We believe that the administration of a platform should be made as easy as possible. WORKERBASE provides you with functions to administer users and roles. An integrated device management brings transparency about devices in use and offers over-the-air software update functionalities.

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Smartwatch for Industry

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. It has a ruggedized form factor and includes many functions optimized for industrial use like an integrated barcode scanner.

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Industrial IoT platform

Our Industrial IoT platform integrates the human worker in Industrial IoT settings and allows to interact with IIoT devices and sensors.

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System connectors

WORKERBASE seamlessly works with your existing business systems. We provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interfaces (API) for easy integration of existing IT. In addition we provide connectors to the most used ERP and IoT frameworks.

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How WORKERBASE can help you

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