Everything you need to optimize manual work on the shopfloor

Industry 4.0 Software with Industrial smartwatch

WORKERBASE offers a platform to make manual tasks in the Industry more efficient and flexible. Our Industry 4.0 software connects to existing line of business applications and helps to organize tasks which have to be performed by human workers. Our Industrial smartwatch allows to notify workers and provides context-based information with step-by-step instructions. All information which is displayed on the smartwatch can be configured through the Workerbase software, so that you don’t have to develop app by writing software code. All you need to is to configure the required steps in a web-browser.

With this we digitize business processes, make manual work more flexible and help your workers to become more efficient.

Industry 4.0 Software

Our Industry 4.0 software is a web-based system which allows you to organize tasks, notify your workers and store process data. Integration with existing line-of-business applications can easily be done via a range of system connectors. With this, you can easily connect e.g. your ERP system and bring information directly to the worker.

Read more about the WORKERBASE Industry software.

Industrial smartwatch

The WORKERBASE smartwatch is a device specifically made for industrial settings. It combines a robust form factor with excellent usability and integrates much needed functionality like e.g. barcode scanning and photo cameras.

Read more about our Industrial smartwatch.

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our commissioning system supports task parallelization out of the box. If you would like to evaluate how your workflows can be digitally delinearized, then please get in touch with us.

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