Agile Shop-Floor

Agile transformation

Traditional top-down planning does not allow to solve potential problems right on-the-spot. Thus, we implemented an agile skill-based shop-floor organization to flatten hierarchies and allow decisions to be made from experts who are present on site and actively working a task.
Agile transformation


  • The underlying principle of agile skill-base shop-floor management is the identification and collection of all required jobs-to-be-done, a mapping of those activities to job-roles and the real-time assignment of activities to workers through the WORKERBASE platform
  • You will learn how to collect all relevant work activities and how to map them to WORKERBASE roles.

We offer different consulting services which can be combined based on your individual needs. We work with you to build digital solutions on top of existing lean methods. We help you to streamline your processes and initiate an agile setup on the shop-floor by using a proven 4-step implementation process.

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