Worker Empowerment

Continuous Learning

Help workers do a good job by providing step-by-step work instructions on mobile devices. Upskill people to the required level with on-demand training for relevant tasks.
Continuous Learning


  • How to identify relevant training content
  • The ideal format and duration of mobile on-the-job training lectures
  • How to structure knowledge in short packages for easy "consumption" on the shop floor
  • Employee user generated content for training (we-Q vs IQ)
  • How to motivate employees to create training content
  • How to create video content for millenials
We offer different consulting services which can be combined based on your individual needs. We work with you to build digital solutions on top of existing lean methods. We help you to streamline your processes and initiate an agile setup on the shop-floor by using a proven 4-step implementation process.

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