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Agile Shop-Floor

Coordinate work based on skill to assign jobs to the people with the right skill set. Stop wasting precious resources and improve productivity by 20%.
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Agile factory

The most effective way to manage factory workers

Allocate jobs to your workforce based on realtime demand and available skills. WORKERBASE provides mobile workflows to connect industrial workers to the IIoT. The WORKERBASE software integrates with your existing IT systems and automatically manages all workflow steps on smartwatches, phones, tablets and all kind of wearable devices.
Factory workers
digital workflows in the smart factory

Digital workflows enable agile processes

Build digital processes without programming in a matter of minutes and combine them into larger workflows. Eliminate waiting times and other inefficiencies by building business rules that assign workers to jobs using a wide range of criteria such as availability, location, skillsets or output of other workflows.

Flexible manufacturing system for high variance production

With production moving towards LOT-1 the demand on the underlying production system increases towards providing realtime information about all processes and being able to allocate resources outside of classic production line cycles. WORKERBASE allows you to setup flexible business rules for any of your production demands from engineered to order up to mass production.
reporting for lot size 1

Optimal allocation of work based on skills

Ensure a job is always done by a staff member with the right skillset. By certifying workers to have a minimal guaranteed skillset you prevent expensive rework and by not distributing low skill work to well trained staff, you put your people where they are able to deliver maximum efficiency.

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