/ Training & Upskilling

Empower your workforce to perform at their best

Ensure your workforce is always well trained and qualified to do the job at hand with skill profiles and digital training on the job. Use our tools for optimal and automatic work coordination.

Provide digital training on the job

Help workers do a good job by providing step-by-step work instructions on mobile devices. The on-demand training for relevant tasks increases worker skills and reduces the amount of costly quality defects significantly.
Gain insights on overall productivity and skill gaps. Use WORKERBASE to understand the root causes of worker and machine inefficiencies. All data can be anonymized to comply with data privacy regulations.
training on the job
Upskill people

Let the best people do the job

Real-time job coordination based on competencies ensures that only skilled workers receive task assignments. Approval and warning routines in realtime increase worker performance and speed up production.
In case tasks can not be fulfilled, your workers can send immediate support calls to experts or receive contextual help instructions in real time.
Seize the opportunity of an easy-to-implement solution that has the potential of saving you considerable cost!

Increase productivity and process understanding

Oftentimes production processes are recorded on paper and not immediately accessible. By transferring your process on digital media you increase transparency, thus offering broader accessibility and understanding of standard operating procedures. You will see improvements in your worker's qualification as well as onboarding and training procedures.
Upskill Increase productivity
Upskill onboard staff

Onboard your staff in a short time

Use digital workflows to facilitate the initial training process of your staff. Assign tasks on the smartwatch, display step-by-step instructions and get realtime feedback about work progress. Allow you staff to call support when help is needed. With our easy-to-use onboarding solution you avoid initial worker mistakes and speed-up the overall training process. Improvements in process quality and delivery times during the training process are the result.

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