Improving intralogistics with digital logistics processes

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing logistic systems through easy-to-configure system connectors.

Process optimizations

Improve internal supply and transport processes with wearable devices for delivering orders efficient coordination.

Automatic data collection

Capture data to produce indicators for work performance and to analyze with web-based dashboards.

Efficient replenishment orders

With the WORKERBASE platform, operation manager can improve the in-house supply chain management. Resupply workflows can be reshaped into fully digital solutions improving intralogistics. The Workerbase Smartwatch allows efficient ordering of replenishment and resupply and provides notification and task orchestration.

Picking and commissioning optimization

With WORKERBASE, picking and commissioning workflows can be transformed into fully digital solutions. The Workerbase Smartwatch provides picking instructions and allows to report status updates, e.g. in case items are missing.


WORKERBASE helps to optimize all processes in intralogistics, e.g. moving items, picking items or placing replenishment orders.

Reducing WIP levels

Reducing safety stock levels

Eliminating intermediate stocks

Shortening wait times

Shortening queue times

Shortening lead times

How WORKERBASE can help you

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