Improving intralogistics

Fully digital workflows to move things and order replenishment

Improving intralogistics with digital logistics processes

Improving intralogistics with the usage of wearable devices: The provision of up-to-date information allows to better work on, track and coordinate the internal supply and transport processes. Such processes include staging orders, picking orders, supply orders, replenishment, transportation orders and put-away orders.

Workerbase helps to optimize all processes in intralogistics, e.g. moving items, picking items or placing replenishment orders. The Workerbase industrial smartwatch for improving intralogistics has an integrated barcode scanner which eases work in logistics. The wearable workflow engine allows to distribute logistics tasks to the workforce. Transport requests can be initiated adhoc and before the respective tasks have been completed. This reduces order lead times and buffer space at the work place. Integration with existing logistic systems like warehouse management systems or ERP is possible via easy-to-configure system connectors.

Shortening lead times

Shortening queue times

Shortening wait times

Eliminating intermediate stocks

Reducing safety stock levels

Reducing WIP levels

Solution example:
Efficient replenishment orders

With the WORKERBASE platform, operation manager can improve the in-house supply chain management. Resupply workflows can be reshaped into fully digital solutions improving intralogistics. The Workerbase Smartwatch allows efficient ordering of replenishment and resupply and provides notification and task orchestration.

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Solution example:
Picking and commissioning optimization

With WORKERBASE, picking and commissioning workflows can be transformed into fully digital solutions. The Workerbase Smartwatch provides picking instructions and allows to report status updates, e.g. in case items are missing.

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