How to improve supply chain operations?

Efficient ordering of replenishment and resupply

Supply chain optimization with Wearables

No company can accept the costs of inefficient in-house supply chain organization. However, in some cases the customers individual production areas are insufficiently coordinated. The consequence are material differences and unnecessary stock holding. In most cases where material re-supply and replenishment is needed, long queue and waiting times are the result.

Lack of coordination between different production areas

The individual production areas act as silos with very little possibilities to align their jobs. In case material is missing, replenishment is ordered on demand and on an adhoc basis, with unsufficient tool support.

No realtime tools in place

The tools in use include paper, phones and email. Realtime communication is not supported thus leading to long queue and waiting times.

Missing process transparency

With paper-based or phone-based resupply processes, orders can only be placed on an ad-hoc basis. Detailed information about waiting times is not collected. A detailed analysis is not possible due to a lack of performance transparency.

Our Solution.

The operation manager can improve the in-house supply chain management by using the WORKERBASE solution. The resupply workflow can be transformed into a fully digital solution running on the Workerbase Smartwatch. Each worker gets a personal device with the ability to order resupply.

Use barcode scan and touchscreen to order replenishment for re-supply

Report missing material and quantity differences in realtime

Optional re-assignment of replenishment and resupply orders to other users

When waiting times occur, superiors receive notifications on their Smartwatches and in the management console

Assign material orders to staff members on the fly

Integrate existing systems like forklift management systems

Your Results!

The solution enables real-time material provision to avoid long queue and wait times and shortens the total lead time.

Eases the coordination between different production areas

Reduces the need for material buffers

Replenishment can be ordered with the click of a button from mobile tablet or smartwatches

Orders get directly assigned to relevant workers e.g. forklift drivers who will be notified in real-time.

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our supply chain application can be put into use in a matter of days including integration of data from your existing systems. Contact us to discuss how we can improve your supply chain workflows.

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