How can commissioning times be reduced by 25%?

Picking and commissioning optimization

Work instructions software

The customer runs a commissioning process where items are sorted into seperate production steps from a general container carrying all items for the particular order.

SAP system manages the workflow but only creates paper checklists

As in other typical SAP installations that manage shopfloor workflows, the system only maps a small part of the real process. There is a disconnect between the information stored in the legacy system and the work that is actually being performed on site. Customization cost of the existing system are to too high for the customer to justify an investment into an optimized commissioning workflow. As a result the customer is constantly struggling with how to remove paper on the shopfloor. This is a common theme in intralogistics optimization where existing systems manage highlevel workflow steps and fail to provide a good user experience.

No realtime information on status available and no option to make any changes in the process

When in operation, the process does not allow for any realtime status updates. Only when customers can manage to remove paper on the shopfloor, they would be able realize all benefits of a digital workflow. The nature of the paper based workflow is to only allow a very static allocation of work. Using a digital workflow for manual work processes, work orders can easily be reassigned and instant changes to workflows can be realized. The WORKERBASE platform provides these realtime workflow optimization capabilities.

Long logistics lead times due paper based handover processes.

On paper, information is passed from one workflow step to another with very slow handover phases between each process step. In some cases the wait times for each process handover could be as long as a full day since the SAP processes are not reported before the end of each shift. The results are very long lead times in intralogistics processes that could only be improved if  paper would be removed from the shopfloor. The WORKERBASE solution allows to detect and remove wait times in workflow processes and optimizes the logistics chain using digitization of processes and work procedures. A digital workflow can now be automatically analysed and optimized leading to a true Industry 4.0 factory.

Workflow apps on Wearables

The workflow can be redesigned into a fully digital solution running on the Workerbase Smartwatch. Each user gets a personal watch that guides him through the process step-by-step.

Integration with SAP to pull worklists

Reporting of missing items and quantity differences in realtime

Optional re-assignment of tasks to other users

When problems occur, superiors recieve notifications on their Smartwatches and in the management console

Assign workitems to staff members on the fly

Mutliple workers can work on a single tasks or each user works on an individual task

Your Results!

100% clarity on current status at all times

Information is now fully digital and can be reported into other systems in realtime

All paper removed from the process

Savings realized in reference project: 25% reduction of commissioning costs

The solution yields a significant improvement over the current status and allows to directly realize significant savings potential.

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our commissioning application Quickcheck can be put into use in a matter of days including integration of data from your existing systems. Contact us to discus how we can improve your commissioning workflows.

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