Improve plant and equipment efficiency

Act efficiently and reduce errors

Improve plant and equipment efficiency

Workerbase improves the overall equipment efficiency by improving the way work is organized.  Set-up times  and machine downtimes can be reduced to increase value-added processing time. The use of the WORKERBASE smartwatch leverages app-based step-by-step instructions and notifications. This will have a positive impact on your overall equipment efficiency.

Types of apps

The WORKERBASE apps can be differentiated based on how a user starts an app:

1. Apps started through an app icon on the smartwatch: This behaviour is very similar to smartphone apps. User click the app icon and the app starts.

2. Apps started through the scan of a barcode: once a barcode is scanned with the integrated barcode scanner of the smartwatch, the app is started. Please note that the respective barcodes and behaviour of an app have to be configured in the WORKERBASE backend.

3. Apps started by a co-worker: WORKERBASE apps support collaboration scenarios where workflows started by one worker can be handed over to co-workers. E.g. one worker starts a checklist app on his smartwatch, fills out all valued and hands over the workflow to the smartwatch of a co-worker for approval. In such a setting, the co-worker does not have to start the app manually, but will be alerted with the approval task automatically.

4. Apps started by an external application: WORKERBASE integrated with existing line-of-business applications. Thus it is possible to automatically start apps on the smartwatch of a user based on a trigger from a line-of-business application, e.g. ERP systems.

Utilize available resources

Reduce setup times

Reduce machine downtimes

Increase value added processing time