Reduce machine changeover times by 81%

Process parallelization

Analyze whether each step of your workflow can be executed in parallel vs. a serial fashion.

Digital coordination

Manages parallel task execution in a simple rules-based system with the workerbase platform.

Avoid roundtrips

Avoid roundtrips by equipping workers with all the required information right away.

Task management functions

Automatic announcement of tasks

Tasks can be triggered from other tasks and users, from the backend system or from external systems.

Flexible task management

Task announcements can be based on name, job role, location or skill set of the operator.

Easy administration

Tasks can be easily created and modified with the WORKERBASE workflow management software.

Manage tasks directly from your wrist

Task delegation

Tasks can be accepted or delegated by the operator with the smartwatch.

Instant feedback

Workers can provide instant feedback on the status of the task directly from their smartwatch.

Step-by-step workflows

Tasks can be enhanced with step-by-step workflows.


A parallel execution of workflow steps can unlock enormous savings potential in a direct and indirect way. Quite often, the indirect savings offer the biggest potential.

Flexible workflows

Indirect savings

Instant response

Increased efficiency

Reduced changeover times

Quicker data analysis

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our commissioning system supports task parallelization out of the box. If you would like to evaluate how your workflows can be digitally delinearized, then please get in touch with us.

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