How can machine downtimes be reduced to a minimum?

Wearable workflows with real-time notifications

Reduce downtimes with Wearables

In case of unplanned downtimes, alarms are triggered. Timely routing to qualified personnel is important to allow quick troubleshooting. Preventive maintenance, regular inspections and repair actions ensure the required availability of all technical equipment but must be managed accordingly.

Long reaction times in case of alarms

In many factories, existing SCADA systems help operators to control processes and to get notifications or „alarms“ in case unplanned events occur. However, most SCADA systems are bound to static HMI panels in a control room. resulting in long reaction times in case of alarms .

Paper documentation slows down repair actions

In many factories, paper documentation is used for repair procedures. Since a paper process is very static, service technicians often need extra time to collect spare parts or tools required for the repair routine. A fully digital maintenance procedure is needed to alert the technician ahead of time to collect the needed tools and spare parts.

Coordination of preventive maintenance tasks

Preventive maintenance helps to avoid unplanned downtimes as maintenance orders can be planned ahead. However, in some cases the assignment of tasks to service engineers is challenging as the right software tools and transparency about required inspections are missing.

Our Solution.

Coordinating tasks and sending alarms to qualified personnel are standard features of the WORKERBASE platform.

It helps to reduce unplanned machine downtimes by providing preventive maintenance workflows, monitoring of production parameters and real-time notifications in case of malfunctions.

Real-time notifications

In case a malfunction occurs, WORKERBASE provides real-time notifications and thus ensures that troubleshooting is initiated as quickly as possible. Notifications can be assigned to dedicated experts or entire job roles, e.g. all service technicians. In addition, the system supports flexible task assignments based on location or skills.

Monitoring of production parameters

Production parameters e.g. from connected IOT sensors can be monitored from the WORKERBASE platform. WORKERBASE supports the configuration of custom alerts, e.g. to notify machine operators as early as possible about critical deviations from standard values. Thus, a process can be influenced before the machine fails.

Preventive maintenance

To avoid unplanned downtimes, maintenance orders can be planned ahead and directly assigned to service engineers. The WORKERBASE platform provides an easy-to-use browser-based interface for the planning of maintenance tasks. In addition, the system allows the integration of existing planning and control systems such as MES. All repair instructions are presented as step-by-step workflows to ensure correct implementation of the identified measures.

Your Results!

Repair instructions

Increased reaction times with real-time notifications on wearable device

Avoidance of roundtrips for technicians across the shopfloor

Ensure compliance to repair standards by step-by-step instructions

Increased data quality through direct feedback about performed maintenance tasks

The reduction of machine downtimes increases value-added processing time. Preventive maintenance, regular inspetions and repair actions ensure the required availability of all machines and technical equipment.

How WORKERBASE can help you

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