Reduce machine downtimes to a minimum

Mobile alarm management

Flexible configuration of alarm scenario, rapid alarm routing, and tracking the progress of all activated alarms in real time.

Instant response

Directly send alerts to the technician’s smartwatch for instantly responding to incidents, emergencies and abnormal situations.

Preventive maintenance

Avoid unplanned downtimes by planning orders in advance and directly assigning them to technicians.

How it works

Increase efficiency with the standard work app

Organize process steps so that operators can easily follow the procedures. With the standard work app, you can define and use as step-by-step instructions on the smartwatch. Once each step is approved by the worker, the data is automatically stored in the WORKERBASE workflow management system and used for analyzing.

Discover the standard work app
Standard Work App


The reduction of machine downtimes increases value-added processing time. Preventive maintenance, regular inspections and repair actions ensure the required availability of all machines and technical equipment.

Real-time notifications

Faster reaction times

Digital work instructions

Increased machine availability

Higher technician efficiency

Quicker data analysis

How WORKERBASE can help you

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