Increase productivity

Efficient organization of manual work

Digitize manual work and increase productivity

Overall productivity in manufacturing suffers constant pressurizing from management. Every business has targets to increase productivity on an annual basis. There are a several ways on how this can be achieved most prominently automation. While near to full automation is the end goal for many businesses, it is hard to achieve at present and also incurs a huge upfront investment.

WORKERBASE allows companies to increase productivity by simply moving their worker interfaces to a fully digital implementation. This allows to optimize individual processes as well as the overall process flow and can quite often yield significant improvements.

The WORKERBASE smartwatch offers easy-to-use functions for data acquisition and information provisioning. The integrated barcode scanner and 8 Megapixel camera enables adhoc documentation of relevant data and conditions. The two inch touch display provides an efficient means for displaying relevant workflow data and gathering feedback about e.g order start/end, produced output, wastage or quality data. Consistency checks help to eliminate input errors and data acquisition time is minimized.

Improve operational efficiency

Timely provision of accurate information

Flexible coordination of tasks

Immediate feedback on production status

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How to improve manufacturing operations with a smartwatch

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Solution example:
Digitalization of work instructions

The WORKERBASE platform allows the digitalization of current paper-based workflows with efficient provision of digital work instructions. The use of mobile devices on the shopfloor helps to increase productivity of manual work processes.

Digital workflows on tablets and smartwatches include step-by-step instructions, flexible task assignments and notifications as well as real-time visualization of current production status on digital kanban boards.

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Solution example:
Improve manual data aqcuisition with wearable barcode scanner

The WORKERBASE platform enables efficient collection and provision of data and information on wearable devices. All data can be used and annotated with the Workerbase workflow engine, e.g. performing plausibility checks and confirming certain values.

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