How to improve manual data acquisition?

Wearable barcode scanner integrated in smartwatch

Need for Wearable barcode scanner

Data acquisition is a key requirement for efficient manufacturing processes. This includes a range of different data sets e.g. order data, process data or quality data. Data acquisition comprises functions such as collecting data, performing plausibility checks and provision of status information. Usually data input is carried out manually with input devices such as keyboards or semi-automatic with devices like bar-code scanners or scales. In many cases, data acquisition can be improved by using mobile devices with touch displays.

Data acquisition using paper

In many factories, data acquisition is still performed with paper-based lists. The transfer of values to digital tools like spreadsheets is time-consuming and error-prone.

Data acquisition using MDA devices

Mobile data acquisition devices simplify the input of values e.g. with integrated bar code scanners. The gathered data is more accurate and reliable. However, most MDA devices are somehow clumsy and difficult to integrate into an efficient work setup. In most cases, the MDA devices are not “with the worker” and require roundtrips to collect the devices. This slows down the entire data acquisition process.

Plausibility checks

Data acquisition processes based on paper or with screenless MDA devices do not allow automatic consistency checks.

Our Solution.

The WORKERBASE platform enables efficient collection and provision of data and information on wearable devices for use cases such as Status reporting, Incident reporting, Reading Machine data, Calculator, Value converter, Timer, Assessments and Checklists.

Versatile data acquisition with wearable device

Easy-to-use data acquisition with smartwatch using the integrated barcode scanner and touch screen.

Flexible assignment of data acquisition tasks

WORKERBASE allows the flexible assignment of data acquisition tasks. Workers get assignment of tasks based on availability, location or skillsets in an automatic way.

Plausibility checks

The two-inch touchscreens allows controlling and confirming of values.

Rich media

The usage of the smartwatch sensors provide additional data, e.g. photo documentation of conditions from the shopfloor.

Read data from connected devices and IOT sensors

Machine and process data can be displayed on the Workerbase smartwatch via direct bluetooth connections to machines or connected IOT sensors.

Your Results!

WORKERBASE improves manual data acquisition by using Wearable devices. Collecting data, performing plausibility checks and provision of status information is made easy.

The WORKERBASE smartwatch is always with the user and increases response and process times.

Improved data acquisition efficiency by replacing paper-based workflows

Immediate feedback on production status with up-to-date and accurate data

Reduced lead times

Reduced non-conformance costs by using fully digital workflows with consistency checks

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our commissioning system supports task parallelization out of the box. If you would like to evaluate how your workflows can be digitally delinearized, then please get in touch with us.

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