How to efficiently set up the incoming quality inspection procedure?

Check incoming and outgoing goods with wearable device

Incoming quality control procedure with Smartwatch

Only impeccable raw materials and semi-finished products that fulfil defined quality requirements may be used in the production process. Therefore, high standards for incoming goods inspection are needed.

To reduce non-conformance costs, a comprehensive inspection of incoming and outcoming goods is important. Through systematic incoming inspection, quality issues caused by suppliers are identified before they reach your production, not later when it’s too late.

Incoming goods inspection includes an incoming check to verify if the material arrived in good condition at your warehouse before accepting it into your stock.

Full documentation of all required data is needed

To get complete transparency about all incoming and outgoing goods, a comprehensive documentation is required. This includes the input of many data fields as well as photo or video documentation. Very often, the required tools to ensure compliance to documentation policies are not in place.

In some cases additional measurements are needed for the incoming quality inspection procedure to verify if the product quality is according to the desired specification. In general this means checking if the boxes and quantity are ok,  the labels are applied in the right place and if all procedures are fulfilled according to quality assurance guidelines.

Paper documentation slows down entire process

Most often, current documentation workflows are based on paper resulting in many inefficiencies.

Usually, verification checks include data such as date, customers, packed items. In many cases, the documentation with media content such as images and video would be beneficial. Using standard photo cameras for documentation is a time-intensive and error-prone process. The use of a smartwatch with a camera can ease the incoming quality control procedure and improves the quality assurance process and product quality.

Flexible inspection routines needed

Inspections are important but need time. In a best case scenario, inspections are only performed when they are really needed. This would require a system which is capable of requesting inspections procedures in a dynamic way, based on business rules which comply to existing business processes and regulations.

Inspection procedures with Wearables

With the WORKERBASE industrial smartwatch, checking and documentation of incoming and outgoing goods can be completed efficiently to improve product quality. Use the goods inspection app to set up an efficient inspection routine.

All required data in one place

Digital checklists on the wearable device ensures process compliance and improve product quality.

Include rich media content

Workers can immediately document relevant data with the integrated barcode scanner and 8 Megapixel camera.

Fully digital workflow with long-term storage

Pictures and Videos can be taken directly with the smartwatch and get automatically transmitted to the WORKERBASE server archives for long-term storage and to comply to quality assurance guidelines.

Dynamic inspection routines

Business rules for setting up dynamic inspection routines can be configured in the system. There is no need to program an inspection app. All required steps can be easily configured in a web browser.

Create custom app in 5 minutes

With the WORKERBASE app builder, all workflow steps required for an incoming goods inspection app can be easily configured with a web browser. You can set up your custom app in 5 minutes! This may include screens for barcode scanning, taking pictures or selecting values from lists. You can either start from scratch or use and modify the WORKERBASE goods inspection app.

Discover how easy it is to create a custom app with our tutorial. The tutorial introduces an easy an straightforward approach to set up a custom app for incoming goods inspection.

All you have to to is create a custom app workflow and choose from a library of screen types to create your custom incoming goods inspection app. In case it is needed, existing line-of-business application such as SAP can be integrated via REST API. Or you choose to reuse the WORKERBASE goods inspection app to have an up and running solution within 5 minutes.

Your Results!

The WORKERBASE platform allows efficient and comprehensive documentation of incoming material and outgoing goods with a wearable device. The platform includes features for incoming goods inspection such as input forms for all incoming goods control steps or the ability to interface with digital meters or scales via bluetooth interface.

check incoming goods

The system can also be configured to access existing data from SAP via standard interfaces and allows the transfer of inspection results back to SAP without time delay. Hence, you can setup a single point of data entry with the smartwatch and your employees only have to input data once.

Additional functions include supplier evaluation forms, audio messages, forms for complaint management with integrated photo documentation.

Compliance to documentation policies

Increased transparency of all quality checks in the production process

Reduce non conformance costs by enhanced data quality

Upfront detection of supplier quality issues. Reduced rejection rates in production due to impeccable raw materials.

Fully digital documentation workflow saves time and increase product quality.

Reduced costs through easy configuration of incoming goods inspections

Example app: Incoming goods inspection procedure

How WORKERBASE can help you

Our incoming quality inspection app is easy to use and easy to modify. If you would like to use a smartwatch for incoming quality inspection, please get in touch with us.

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