Improve OEE: reduce machine downtime using Smartwatches

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Real-time alerts to reduce waiting times

Organizing alarm management in the context of OEE is always a tradeoff between having short response times and efficient utilization of maintenance staff. Using the WORKERBASE Alarm Suite only nearby technicians with the right skills are alerted on their Smartwatches. By using interactive alarm applications repair times are shortened and unnecessary roundtrips are avoided thereby significantly reducing the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

The benefits of using Smartwatches for alarming maintenance staff

Devices provide alarms in realtime

Alarms are not missed compared to Smartphones

Devices cannot fall down and do not get left unnoticed in a pocket

WB-3301 offers additional capabilities due to a fast 2D barcode scanner

Shorter reaction times

Reduce waiting times for service and maintenance with real-time notifications on the wrist. Ensure that corrective actions are initiated as quickly as possible. Alerts can be assigned to individual experts or entire groups, e.g. all service technicians.

Avoidance of roundtrips

WORKERBASE supports task assignments based on different criteria such as location or skills. This avoids roundtrips as only employees at the right position are notified.

Improved machine uptime

Modify workflows for certain alarm types to create different apps for each alarm condition. Shorten repair times as workers get individual instructions per alarm type.

Increased OEE

Connect to machines and send real-time alarms to operators. Adapt production cycles and reduce machine downtime. Enable faster response times and shorter change over times.

Features of the WORKERBASE Alarm Suite

Alarm filtering

Alarm filtering and prioritization based on freely configurable rules

Group alarms

Send alarms to groups with automatic responsibility management

Contextual assignment

Alarm assignment based on user location and skills

Enhance alarms with instructions

Flexible User Interface allows to create interactive Alarm Apps

Escalation management

Freely configurable escalation and shift management


Calling additional experts for support

Introducing alarm apps

Alarm Apps are the new way to handle mobile alarm management. Users can be assigned a freely configurable workflow that can be specific to a particular production line, type of machine, error condition or even be created for a dedicated machine. Using a powerful rules based configuration system, alarm administrators can maintain a wide range of influencing parameters and optimize their response and repair times.

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Seamless integrations

Integrating the WORKERBASE Alarm Suite is a matter of a few minutes

Utilizing the revolutionary data integration framework, WORKERBASE can integrate alarms from PLC controllers, IoT sensors as well as any legacy system. You can generate alarm conditions out a machine failure the same way as using SAP as an alarm source. Using the prioritization and filter functions, your alarms are guaranteed to reach the right people. Setting up the following protocols can be achieved in under 20 minutes.






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Raspberry PI SPS Kunbus

IoT edge devices, Arduino SPS

Analytical data for performance optimizations

With the WORKERBASE management application you can manage user access and define routing rules for any kind of alarm. The progress of all activated alarms can be tracked in real time.

Gain actionable insights about how your operational processes look like. WORKERBASE events can easily be exported to other systems. Setting up management reports and escalation chains on a range of different communication channels such as email can also be done with great flexibility.

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