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Sustainable and carbon neutral production processes

WORKERBASE enables the creation of sustainable and net zero production processes with a data-driven production system.

Minimize scrap
and waste of resources
Detect deviations and disruptions early and guide operators through the production process to allow them to quickly adjust process parameters.

Gain 100% visibility on the CO2 footprint of production
Integrate human workflow data in real-time to trace products along the value chain and get full transparency about the CO2 footprint at every process step.

Predict carbon-relevant process parameters
Based on real-time data, optimize capacity planning, work orders and sequences for increased machine utilization and lower energy consumption.

Reduce scrap-rates through in-line quality assurance

Guide your operators through the process and provide all essential information to the right people at the right time, including standard work instructions and in-line quality checklists.
Real-time work coordination detects process deviations and disruptions. Using digital support calls, staff can immediately react and fix even minor issues before they grow into bigger problems. As a consequence scrap-rates are reduced and waste of material settles at minimal levels.
Reduce scrap to save energy
Coordinate machine operation to reduce energy consumption

Coordinate machine operation to reduce energy consumption

Long machine set ups, changeover and warm-up procedures consume valuable time and energy. Flexible coordination of machine operation tasks on mobile devices, orchestrates men, machines and materials. Changeover times are minimized by synching process steps with material provisioning and running manual tasks in parallel with multiple operators. This ensures machines are ready when material arrives at the machine. Improved setups enable the reduction of carbon emissions, as machines don’t wait in standby for a long period of time.

Turn data into sustainability

Combining machine data with data captured from manual work processes enables full data transparency on carbon footprint and energy demand. Digging deeper into root cause analysis allows to identify the most pressing action fields for carbon reduction. With process mining and activity mining each component and material along the value chain is traced for improved resource efficiency.
turn data into sustainability
Upskill peoplebackbone for sustainable operations

Digital backbone for a corporate-wide sustainability initiative

Drive corporate-wide sustainability improvements across factories. WORKERBASE can act as a digital backbone to continuously link global operations. Compare the performance of different production sites. Find and assess improvement opportunities for carbon reductions. Enable global access to data on energy consumption, scrap reduction and sustainability best practises.

Benefits of using WORKERBASE for sustainable operations

Minimize scrap and waste of resources
Gain 100% visibility on the CO2 footprint of production
Predict carbon-relevant process parameters

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