Workerbase for heavy equipment and industrial machinery production

For heavy equipment and industrial machinery manufacturers looking to increase production efficiency, Workerbase is here for you.

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For faster industrial machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing, you’ll need to optimize production processes with the help of automation. This requires seamless coordination of employees and the use of advanced analytics from start to finish. By embracing digital solutions for your plant floor, you’ll ensure your processes are lean and flexible

A platform of solutions

WORKERBASE provides an End-to-End platform to increase OEE and make shopfloor operations more efficient and flexible for heavy equipment and industrial machinery manufacturers. Our Manufacturing Apps for the Industrial smartwatch reduce machine downtimes, waiting times and quality defects.

waiting times

Reduce waiting times and shorten process runtimes with flexible task assignment on the smartwatch.

Support SMED to reduce set up times by parallelizing tasks across teams.

Increase productivity

Reduce quality defects

Efficiently collect data about incidents.

Provide standard operating instructions to ensure compliance to quality guidelines.

Capture root causes with quality inspection apps.

Improve quality


Reduce planned and unplanned machine downtimes.

Connect to machines and send real-time alarms to operator smartwatch.

Send scheduled alerts for planned inspection and maintenance.

Reduce downtimes

The smartwatch for the heavy equipment and industrial machinery industry

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. Its ruggedized form factor includes many functions optimized for industrial use like an integrated barcode scanner. Battery capacity for up to 6,600 instructions or 5,000 barcode scans per charge.

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How does it work?

WORKERBASE makes manual work in heavy equipment and industrial machinery manufacturing optimal with its smartwatch. We offer apps that improve Manufacturing Operations, Quality Management, Maintenance and Logistics. Cloud-based Workflow Management Software facilitates task management and assignment of workflows. Our Smartwatch can automatically synchronize all apps and workflow data.

Connect existing systems and machines

Our IoT Workflow management software runs in the cloud or on premise.
It connects to your existing business applications through standard interfaces, e.g. SAP or MES.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze production data and gain insights with analytics and reporting functions.

Real-time workflows

The Industrial Smartwatch connects to the Workflow system via Wifi, each device gets automatically updated. Workers always have the latest information, can collect data and get real-time alerts on their wrist.

No programming needed

Create Manufacturing Apps without programming with the WORKERBASE AppBuilder.

How WORKERBASE can help you

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