Calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Take full advantage of the WORKERBASE system and increase your overall equipment effectiveness – OEE. Get started without a huge investment and adapt apps to your needs. Equip your workforce with wearable devices for industrial use. Access all information at any time, directly from the manufacturing floor.

OEE Calculation

Looking for an OEE formula? Here is how to use the OEE calculator:

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  2. Download the OEE Calculator
  3. Fill in your data – availability, performance, quality
  4. Get improvement data


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Reduce machine downtime

Increase productivity

Improve quality

WORKERBASE provides real-time notifications in case of machine malfunctions. Thus troubleshooting is performed as quickly as possible. Production parameters are monitored, so machine operators are alerted about critical deviations. Preventive maintenance is also taken into consideration to minimize unplanned downtime.

Digitize paper-based workflows with WORKERBASE. Digital workflows allow for real-time visualization of production status on digital kanban boards. Coordinate tasks in a flexible manner, get immediate feedback on production status.

Enhance shop floor quality and document defects efficiently. The WORKERBASE system easily integrates with existing systems, gathers all relevant information and distributes it in real-time.

Use the OEE calculator and reduce machine changeover time by up to 81%

Implementing a digital machine changeover process is a standard feature of the WORKERBASE platform, so you can effectively reduce machine changeover time.

Apps without programming

Smartwatch for industrial use

Analytics for actionable insights

Use our AppBuilder directly in a web-browser, deploy apps in real-time. Easily filter and rule mechanisms to configure business logic.

The WORKERBASE smartwatch is specifically designed for industrial use. It features a smartwatch QR code scanner. Its ruggedized form factor with integrated barcode scanner makes it a perfect choice for the manufacturing floor.

Get deep business intelligence insights with WORKERBASE. Collect data, generate reports and export to dedicated business intelligence applications.

Reduce waiting times

Core functions of the industrial smartwatch

8 Megapixel Camera and Barcode Scanner

For efficient documentation


Connect to many different devices


For easy identification

No Programming required

Build apps via configuration in a web browser

How WORKERBASE can help you

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