Workers council checklist

For alignment with your workers council.

The alignment and approval by the workers council can be time-consuming. All proposed measures are to be discussed in particular with regard to their effects on employees. We recommend to align with the workers council about key points to before piloting wearable devices in production:

When an incident or abnormal situation occurs, the WORKERBASE smartwatch is the primary notification and alerting device. The WORKERBASE system directly sends alerts to the smartwatch of a user, e.g. service technicians. Alerts can be accepted via the app on the smartwatch or delegated to available co-workers. This allows users to respond instantly to incidents, emergencies and abnormal situations. In turn, this drastically improves the alarm system performance by reducing operator response times.


Agreement about the planned duration of the pilot


Agreement about the data being collected and processed


Agreement about which personal data is evaluated

Performance control

Agreement that data is not collected for performance control

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… to results

We have put together a few best practice recommendations for the discussion with the workers council in a document. The document includes information about:

  • How to involve of employees from the very beginning of your digitalization initiative
  • How wearable devices can be beneficial for work organization
  • How wearable devices can be beneficial for qualification
  • Why it is important to include employees to discuss work design and personnel planning
  • How to deal with data protection issues
  • How to deal with performance control issues
  • How to deal with anonymization of data
  • Why constant dialogue is important

We recommend to talk to the WORKERS council from the very beginning of your initiative on. Constant information and communication about the planned measures helps to

  • Increase transparency about how wearable devices can be beneficial for work organization
  • Unleash the potential of wearables for for qualification
  • Securely set up systems to comply with data protection regulations
  • Get buy in from employees
  • Drive and foster innovative workplace organisation solutions