Videos of WORKERBASE’s product offerings


Interview TechCrunch

Introduction to WORKERBASE. Get to know us and how we help manufacturers optimize processes on the shop floor.

Digitization Starter Pack

Digital transformation of manual work in manufacturing. Create apps in minutes and optimize your manual work processes on the shop floor.

Reference case

Using a smartwatch for shorter process runtime in manufacturing.

WORKERBASE Video Tutorials

create app in 5 minutes

Create an app in 5 minutes – Tutorial

Create an incoming goods app in 5 minutes. Learn how to create a custom app for incoming goods inspection with a three-step workflow: scan barcode, take picture and select a value from a list.

Email alarm on a smartwatch – Tutorial

Send alarms from email to the smartwatch for mobile alarm management

WORKERBASE Product Videos

Machine Alerts

Receive alarms from a field device. Send alerts from IIoT field devices to wearable device: PLC to a smartwatch.

Work Coordination with Smartwatches

Increase operational flexibility and gain transparency. Reduce waiting times. Create workflow apps without programming.

Intralogistics: Ad-hoc replenishment

Place replenishment orders from a smartwatch or tablet. Get real-time notifications about orders directly on the smartwatch.

Materials management: Request materials

Use barcode scanner integrated in smartwatch to request materials

Andon support call

Extend an existing Andon system with a smartwatch. Send support call from smartwatch and get Andon notifications on a smartwatch. Reduce waiting times and increase safety with a wearable Andon system.

Checklist on a smartwatch – Live demo

Use a smartwatch for checklists. Live demo at Hannover Messe 2018.

Machine alarm on a smartwatch – Live demo

Send alarm from PLC to a smartwatch. Live demo at Hannover Messe 2018.

Smartwatch Belt extension

With a belt extension, you turn a smartwatch into a smart scanner: very flexible and programmable device for picking and putting operations.