The WORKERBASE Connected Worker Platform
combines Industry 4.0 technology with LEAN principles.
This enables an efficient and agile production and increases productivity.

Connected Worker solution to drive the digital transformation

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Empower front-line workers with on-the-job training and collaboration 

Upskill your employees and extend team capabilities for a resilient organization. Use mobile training workflows on mobile devices to offer on-the-job training lessons and coordinate 1:1 coaching sessions.
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Digital processes for efficient operations

Assign tasks to the right person, at the right time with the right context information. Dynamically assign tasks and track progress to improve collaboration and productivity. Enhance tasks with configurable step-by-step workflow instructions for digital standard work procedures and use powerful task management functions such as automatic assignments, group announcements, task delegation, escalation and more!
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Improve processes with powerful analytics

Realize continuous improvements based on real-time data. Collect data from all manual processes. Aggregate data and create new insights. Use the data to optimize
processes in real-time. Upskill employees based on real-time data.

Connect 3rd party systems easily

Connect to 3rd party systems and databases through standard interfaces. Our Connected Worker platform is built on a scalable serverless microservice architecture. This includes an event-based system for data import and data export. The system follows a functions-as-a-service  architecure that allows flexible real-time bidirectional connections for any data format and connections like TCP, SOAP, HTTP, SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, OPC-UA, PLC Controllers and many more.
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Fast deployment
within days

Create workflow apps with our low-code solution. Select from a library of proven app-templates and configure your individual apps for Smartphone, Smartwatch and Tablet. You can combine 21 powerful app function blocks with a configurable set of business rules to build your own solution with a click of a few buttons. All apps are automatically deployed over-the-air on the devices of your employees.
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Platform for Industrial IOT applications

All WORKERBASE Connected Worker apps work on a common data backbone. This increases visibility across all Industrial IoT processes and offers insights about the relevant KPIs.
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workflows for the IIoT

Augment Industrial IoT processes with human workflows. Collect real-time data with wearable and mobile devices. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the device is a relevant datapoint.
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The WORKERBASE Connected Worker platform stores all generated data and provides analytics functions for powerful IIoT data analytics. From simple overview tables to dynamic activity mining dashboards, you can utilize easy-to-understand reports for an enhanced understanding of your operations.
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Drive continuous

Use your insights and adapt your IIoT workflows. Take the next step in the Industrial IoT and implement continuous improvement based on real-time data with our Industrial IoT application platform for the connected worker.
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Small screen but big impact - mobile devices for the connected worker

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. Its ruggedized form factor includes many functions optimized for the connected worker in the industrial IoT, e.g. an integrated barcode scanner or battery capacity for up to 6.600 instructions or 5.000 barcode scans per charge. The Industrial IoT Smartwatch seamlessly integrates with other mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets.

How the Connected Worker platform works

The WORKERBASE Connected Worker platform uses mobile and wearable devices to make manual work in Industry 4.0 more flexible. Our agile manufacturing software offers workflow apps for factory workers to coordinate work in a flexible way. With the Cloud-based Workflow Management Software you can manage all tasks and assign workflows to your operators. The mobile and wearable devices connect to the Workflow Management Software and automatically synchronize all apps and workflow data.


Setup: Deploy in short time

The WORKERBASE system runs in the cloud or on premise. All Workflow apps can be used out-of-the box without programming. If needed, you can modify workflows to meet your individual requirements. For example, you can modify task assignment rules or the order of work instruction screens by using a web-browser. You can connect your existing IT systems through standard interfaces if needed and use proven app templates to configure individual app solutions for the Connected Worker, e.g. Standard work procedures or apps to improve machine operations with digital change-over instructions.


Empower: Improve communication and team capabilities

With the WORKERBASE training and communication apps, you improve team collaboration and gain immediate benfits. For example, with the Digital Andon App Suite, you allow instant communication between cross-funtional teams. Operators can report production disruptions with mobile devices and trigger immediate problem solving workflows.


Connect: Work coordination with mobile devices

Your front-line workers use their individual workflow apps on their personal devices for increased productivity. Operators get tasks assigned based on their skills, location or workflow context. They get real-time alerts with instructions what to do and can collect real-time process data. For example, with the Assembly App Suite, you create digital work instructions for Assembly. The Machine operation app suite reduces waiting times in case of machine incidents and increases your OEE.


Improve: Powerful analytics for continuous improvements

All workflow steps generate data points that are automatically store in the WORKERBASE system. You get actionable insights with analytics and reporting functions. Reduce the impact of ad hoc disruptions by turning them into plannable events!
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The perfect toolbox
for agile manufacturing

WORKERBASE offers a feature-rich toolbox to implement digital workflows in smart factories. Our proven app templates are bundled into App Suites for easy customization. All WORKERBASE apps can be configured to meet individual needs.

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