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From duplicate digital processes to lean factory. Get started fast, see the impact of smart digital transformation on your production operations even faster.

One convenient platform to turn any production process into smart workflows

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Connect workers with industrial grade smart devices
Integrate your ERP and MES systems for a holistic view
Track progress and visualize work as it happens
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Popular connected worker features

Guide and train staff: work instructions

Enable your workforce with step-by-step guides. Ensure consistency, reduce the risk of errors and let your team work even more efficiently.

Ensure accuracy and compliance: digital checklists

Walk teams through processes with customizable checklists. Keep track of critical steps and reduce mistakes. Improve first pass yield and maintain industry standards effortlessly.

Enhance team cooperation: real-time collaboration tools

Share insights, resolve issues, and accomplish more together with real-time collaboration tools. Troubleshoot together and establish best practices to increase productivity.

Drive operational excellence: continuous improvement

Collect improvement proposals. Analyze data holistically. Uncover actionable insights that drive lean practices and quickly implement changes.

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