Tired of operational bottlenecks and manual hurdles?

Leverage digital workflows to unlock fully flexible processes. Get ahead of your competition by turning scattered data into powerful, automated production workflows.

Turn any production process into a data-driven, dynamically executed workflow

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Execute stable and scalable workflows based on configurable business rules
Trigger workflows without manual intervention when the previous phase completes
Identify process disruptions and automatically assign corrective actions
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Work orchestration

Workerbase automatically orchestrates tasks and processes based on real-time data. Workflows are triggered without manual intervention when the previous phase is completed.

  • Task assignment

    Assign tasks based on custom trigger events, even ahead of time

  • Tact adherence

  • Alerts

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Group coordination

Workerbase automatically assigns tasks based on workload distribution and skill levels to find the perfect person for the job. Notifying supervisors, sending alerts to maintenance teams, and rerouting tasks has never been easier.

  • Group messaging

    Send and receive messages to and from colleagues

  • Escalation

  • Delegation

  • Root cause analysis

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Task priorization

Workerbase automatically prioritizes tasks based on resource availability and production goals. Critical tasks receive attention when needed. Priorities are adjusted in real-time to meet changing demand.

  • Prioritize based on resource availability

    Coordinate and tasks based on your workforce’s skills, availability, location, and more

  • Prioritize based on production goals

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AI-driven processes

Workerbase automatically analyzes real-time data to anticipate disruptions and adapt workflows. Our advanced AI technology creates self-optimizing processes that keep you ahead of the curve.

  • Predictions and forecasting

    AI models analyze real-time data to anticipate disruptions and adapt workflows

  • Machine learning models

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